Saturday, April 7, 2012

This is how blogging is done!

I would like to give a BIG congratulations to one of my favorite blogs Fifi Cheek! This blog is written by Lindsey who was the event planner at the Bald Head Island club when Kyle and I were married there almost two years ago. Since meeting her over a year before that I have (sometimes not so secretly) coveted her style, and now that of her little girl Tilley-Gray who was born about two months after Abby.
Fifi Cheek has over 70,000 page views each month, and has its first official sponsor. Lindsey gives Chic Moments and Chic Mommy Moments from an amazing perspective. Not only that, but she has genuine care for all of her followers.
Three CHEERS to Fifi Cheek on all the blogging success! Keep bringing us those Chic Moments!

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