Saturday, April 14, 2012

7 months later...

It used to be every day, then every week, now more so every month that goes by I have this moment that is half "AWWWW" and half sheer terror. Our little "Dablet" is 7 months old today, well more specifically was this morning. We didn't do anything special, but she did try out a new hairdo for a moment

So the "cindy-lo-who" look on top of her head needs some work, and might not be the best ever I'll admit, but it was pretty cute!
We did have to make a little purchase in honor of the occasion and for our trip to Massachusetts this summer. Abby needed her first Red Sox hat, and it just about fits.

There is another purchase we might need to make from Cafe Press (great place to find fantastically witty humorous onesies). Although, with my family in New York (including Abby's Fairy Godmommy), I might have to explain myself just a bit. Here it is anyway:

I would also like to mention a special "goody store" I have found over the past few months for some fun things for Abby. Bella Fleur Boutique offers fantastic headbands, garters, and other accessories for girls of all ages (even us adults). Natalie hand makes everything out of Texas, and you can also find her on Facebook. She always posts special offers, discounts, and has Facebook exclusive Friday Specials. My most recent purchase from her I bought this for $11.95:

 (This is not Abby, but a photo from Bella Fleur's Etsy site, yet another beautiful little girl!)

Also, since I was not only her 2,000th sale, but also a Facebook fan, I received 3 shabby chic headbands
for FREE!

It's time for a movie night with Kyle since Abby has already been down for a while!
Until next time!


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