Just like the name suggests, I do a little bit of everything! While I do have pre-determined package contents, they are really more of a suggestion rather than hard requirements! You can pick and choose elements based on your needs and I will work with you to find something that fits your budget. My favorite rooms to work on are nurseries and home offices because that's where I spend most of my time!

Here are some of the things Dabble offers:

Personal and Professional Consultation:
Start-up companies, home grown businesses, and independent consulting services always come with lists of questions! Organization goes beyond your physical work space into your planning, executing, and set up to make a successful company. Do you have questions about social media? How to get the most out of self-employment while balancing a family and your sanity? Want to know what expenses you should run through your business and how to do it? Are you looking for the BEST way to maintain your appearance to represent your brand and yourself?
I love helping people realize how to create their own dream job in a way that sets you up for success!

Graphic Design:
Custom Designs for any type of printed product from Business Cards, Note Cards, Invitations, Announcements, Posters, and more!
Our Etsy store will be live soon so you can browse our "ready to go" designs and get some inspiration for how you want to make it your own!

We also offer print fulfillment for all graphic design jobs, or if you have your own design ready to go!

Please do not hesitate to email me with any questions, or to set up a free consultation!
I look forward to working with you!

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