Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine's Day...Get Ready!!

Happy Monday everyone!! Today is a perfect type of Mommy Monday!! It's somewhat nasty weather outside, I made my morning run to Starbucks and shared some fabulous Mary Kay goodie bags with the ladies there (they LOVED them!), and I have blocked off some special snuggle time with Dablet before she naps. I'm pretty sure I couldn't be doing this in any other "normal" job!
I wanted to start the week off with a giveaway! Ladies, (and gentlemen!) let's change the mold for Valentine's Day! Sure, we all love getting flowers and chocolate...but eventually the flowers will wilt, and at some point we might be worried that the chocolate will end up on our hips! Can we self indulge for a little bit?! Can we ask for something lasting like the love we are celebrating?! Mary Kay has put together some fabulous gift sets to make life easy for Valentine's Day and I want to treat my fabulous followers to one of them! YOUR CHOICE!!

The Choices:
Luscious Lips: Four steps to kissable lips. Includes the Satin Lips set, Mary Kay’s new Lipstick, and a moisturizing Lip Gloss
Sexy Body: (Available in 4 scents!) Three-piece Spa Set leaves a soft lingering scent & smooth skin. Includes Shower Gel, Sugar Scrub, Body Lotion, loofah
Dance to Life perfume: Mary Kay's special edition fragrance with notes of jasmine, magnolia, vanilla, and warm amber
Sensational Hands & More: Mary Kay's Peach or Unscented Satin Hands Set, Mint Bliss Foot & Leg Lotion, and a Nail Polish
**Each Set includes gift wrapping, Mary Kay Best Selling products, a chocolate treat (because who REALLY wants to totally give up the chocolate?!) and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!**

How to Enter:
Leave me a comment with your choice of gift basket and tell me if it's for you, your sweetie, or a gift for someone you want to Share the Love with! It's THAT simple!! Please include a contact email so I can be sure to notify you if you win! Also, let me know if you currently have a Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay!
What's better is that EVERY person who enters will be a winner in some way! I have lots of goodies to give away this Valentine's Day because I am on a mission to SHARE the LOVE with everyone!!

Want to shop for your Valentine's Gifts?! Email me and I will be happy to play your personal cupid! Or you can shop on my website!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Beginnings!

Today was the last day and the first day all rolled into one! It was my last day working for Crate & Barrel, and it was a day providing approval for Kyle's next business venture. Honestly, it was an answered prayer! I've had to field all kinds of concern from people who think I'm slightly off my rocker for leaving something that is "guaranteed" to do something that might not be. If I never took chances, the only sure thing would be never doing anything. So I sent up a little prayer for a sign that everything would be OK, not just OK, but great! As a mother I doubted myself for bringing my "uncertainty" to Kyle's uncertainty and having all of that transfer onto Dablet. However, all of our hard work has paid off!
On my way home from my last day at Crate & Barrel, Kyle told me this would be the start of his next first! Top that off with the fact that I literally made money in my sleep last night! I remember one day in middle school when someone told me how much money Bill Gates makes in his sleep because of all of the interest his money earns. I thought it was such a novel concept...make money while you're sleeping, and I promised myself that one day I would be able to do that. Not because I don't want to actually WORK for what I earn, but because I want the work I do today to keep working for me every day after. I had online orders last night while I was sleeping! My networking worked for me while I got to rest up and recharge for another day full of it!
Even as I type this, I am learning how more of the seeds I took the time to plant in the world are starting to grow!! It is proof that even when you put your family first above what "society" calls "Normal Employment" and stay true to yourself and your priorities you CAN succeed!!

Do you want to learn more about how to make your wildest dreams come true?! Email me! Or take the quiz online through my website!!

Be the most beautiful person you were meant to be!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pay it Forward

In case you missed the Pink Bubble introduction to 2013, you can find it here! One of the MANY reasons that I love being a part of Mary Kay is the nonprofit efforts the company supports. Even with incentives like a Makeover Contest, part of the Grand Prize is a donation to a charity benefiting women and children.

So what do you need to do? 
Get on the books for a makeover and set aside an hour to be pampered! You'll have before and after pictures of your looks, and YOU get to upload them to tell your story. The submissions will be accepted starting in March, but the sooner you get your new look done the more buzz you can create! You get to share your fabulous New Year New Look with friends and family and get votes! Best part is that on top of the prizes you can win, you can also win a $5,000 donation to your favorite charity benefiting women and children. 
Enthusiasm and Confidence can be contagious, and I cannot think of a better way to pay forward your satisfaction than to create an opportunity for other women to have the same feelings about themselves!

If you're interested, email me!

"Act as if what you do matters. It does!"

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pucker up 2013!!

Hello again everyone!! It's been WAY too long since I got myself on here and shared with everyone! Every time I come to write something, something else pulls me away, and I have finally said "ENOUGH!"
I have learned so much this past holiday season from so many inspiring people. I took a seasonal position with Crate & Barrel doing visual merchandising and have LOVED it! I am a completely different type of shopper now, and can thoroughly appreciate the brains behind the beautiful displays we all see that make us think "I could live like that"! Through all of the challenges and growth that opportunity has provided me, I have still been looking for that thing that makes me say "I will live like that!" and seize my tomorrow today!

With Dablet now more of a little lady than ever, I have been hunting for an answer to the question: 
How do I provide for my family financially, maintain a flexible schedule, preserve the family fundamentals and priorities I have, and still feel fabulous as a woman?
I researched all kinds of independent sales opportunities. Some of them didn't have business models that made sense to me, others didn't provide a repeat customer base. Then two days before New Year's Eve I was perusing Facebook and it hit I made the phone call. "Sign me up! I'm going to take 2013 by storm, look and feel fabulous doing it!" I was nervous and unsure of myself, but I took the leap! On New Year's Eve I officially started my own Mary Kay business!
I have been beyond inspired by the women who not only work their business, but also mother their children in a hands on way, and provide an incredible support system to all of the recruits like me! My eyes have been opened to an amazing world of reward so far outside the same hourly rate for your efforts. For being accountable to yourself and to the rest of the people you meet. This is not a sales don't have to believe me on that one (but I could prove it to you!), this is a people industry! 
The National Area I came into has a mascot, the giraffe. Why?! Because it has the largest heart of all land mammals, and it sticks it neck out! Also, the biggest natural predator to the giraffe is the hyena ..that would be all of those people laughing at the fact that they just read I started a Mary Kay business! It's OK though, it's not for everyone! However, if you would like to know more about how you can make your dreams a reality by doing this yourself, I would LOVE to chat with you about it. Maybe you dream is to just improve your skin and learn once and for all just how to use all of those products you convince yourself you need! 
It is a blessing to not only be able to say "I can help YOU", but to know that while doing so I can provide for my family and spend more hands on time with my fabulous little girl and husband!
This is Dablet recently "looking ahead" to 2013! I will make all of our dreams come true!

I ask you to help me "pay it forward" by sharing my enthusiasm with yourself, or maybe someone you know who could use an opportunity like this! Maybe let me pay it forward by treating you to a facial! The more I grow the more I will have to give. I have already thought of campaigns like Hearts for Home - donating goodie bags with Mary Kay products for military moms, wives, and girlfriends of deployed military - or- Pucker up for Paws where a portion of sales can go to a local animal shelter when they host a virtual party! I have always loved working for a cause, and so does Mary Kay! My immediate cause may be my family, but the year is young and I'm ready and willing to grow! 
You can shop online here
or email me by visiting the Contact page! 
Have a FABULOUS 2013 and remember to be your own kind of beautiful!