Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Beginnings!

Today was the last day and the first day all rolled into one! It was my last day working for Crate & Barrel, and it was a day providing approval for Kyle's next business venture. Honestly, it was an answered prayer! I've had to field all kinds of concern from people who think I'm slightly off my rocker for leaving something that is "guaranteed" to do something that might not be. If I never took chances, the only sure thing would be never doing anything. So I sent up a little prayer for a sign that everything would be OK, not just OK, but great! As a mother I doubted myself for bringing my "uncertainty" to Kyle's uncertainty and having all of that transfer onto Dablet. However, all of our hard work has paid off!
On my way home from my last day at Crate & Barrel, Kyle told me this would be the start of his next first! Top that off with the fact that I literally made money in my sleep last night! I remember one day in middle school when someone told me how much money Bill Gates makes in his sleep because of all of the interest his money earns. I thought it was such a novel concept...make money while you're sleeping, and I promised myself that one day I would be able to do that. Not because I don't want to actually WORK for what I earn, but because I want the work I do today to keep working for me every day after. I had online orders last night while I was sleeping! My networking worked for me while I got to rest up and recharge for another day full of it!
Even as I type this, I am learning how more of the seeds I took the time to plant in the world are starting to grow!! It is proof that even when you put your family first above what "society" calls "Normal Employment" and stay true to yourself and your priorities you CAN succeed!!

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Be the most beautiful person you were meant to be!

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