Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The One Lovely Blog Award

This past Friday I started the day excited for family things and some Twitter networking with the classic #FF hashtag (Follow Friday, Favorite Friday, or however you choose to use it!) I always love seeing who people recommend, what's new, and finding new people and brands to connect with! On top of that I was honored to be given the One Lovely Blog Award by Lynda of Focal Point Styling, whom I have done collaborations with on the blog. She is a woman I truly admire and feel I can call a friend!
This blog was created out of a place in my life not too long ago (just about seven months to be realistic) where I needed something just for me, something that could help me define who I was, who I wanted to be, and how I was going to get there! The blog has grown above and beyond my expectations, and the connections I have made though the blog and social media outlets, like Olioboard and Twitter, provide invaluable inspiration and collaboration!

Here are rules behind acceptance of this award:

1. Include the blog award logo in my post. [√]
2. Thank the person who nominated me. [√]
3. Nominate 15 other people: Let them know I have done so, linking to their sites & back to this post. [√]
4. Reveal seven [7] things you may not know about me. [√]

Here are my seven things:
- I LOVE to cook! It all started back with dried pasta and beans on the floor of my kitchen growing up "mixing things", then I graduated to making concoctions for my dad that consisted of milk, red pepper, egg, sugar (you get the idea) and tricking him into drinking them! Later I moved on to "baked" goods that were more like bricks! Finally I have developed my skill set to answering the question of "what's for dinner" with a creative assembly of tasty things from the fridge or pantry for my family! 
- I ride horses competitively, English saddles, jumps and everything! I have won state and regional finals, and still have the first horse I ever owned, she's now almost 29! While I have owned several since her, she's with me for the long haul! Dablet has even "ridden" her with me already! With the riding, I have had my share of spills, concussions, and other bumps and bruises.
- After switching my major a few times I finally ended up with an English degree from UNC-Greensboro. I LOVE my major, loved my professors, and truly believe that it is one of the most undervalued degrees out there. My dad questioned my decision (given that I started as a Business Marketing major), but having the ability to write (and sometimes write well) is invaluable in ANY industry!
-My favorite animal is a white tiger. I know, this is kind of 5th grade of me to offer up as one of my seven things, but it's important! I am in awe of the exotic nature of tigers, and the pure beauty that they have.
- I have motor oil running through my veins! OK, so not really, but I do come from a car family. My older brother (23 years older than I am) is a former driver turned owner of Nascar teams, and my dad (who just turned 70) is still racing!!! I've always thought that one of these days I'll race, and it's still on my bucket list.
- My long time dream (of my still young life) is to design and build a home from scratch inside and out. There is more to it than having a blank canvas and working in all of your dream ideas, for me it's a sense of family. This dream may actually become reality sooner rather than later with a multi-generational "compound" of sorts...more on that later!
- When my days of working for money are done and I can focus solely on giving back, Kyle and I will start our own animal rescue. Yes, it's a business, but non-profit and focused on the tough cases. We have three dogs, two of which are considered "aggressive breeds" and would literally be euthanized if found in some counties and not claimed within 48 hours just because of their breed. The stigma needs to stop! 

In keeping with the requirements of this Lovely Blog Award, I would like to share it with 15 other people I believe to be more than worthy of the community given honor!

I guess I'm breaking the rules for my 15th blog by giving the award back to Lynda from Focal Point. Whether they know it or not, each and every one of these blogs have impacted, inspired, and pushed me to be more creative, intuitive, and express my own sense of style just a bit more! I am incredibly grateful for the connections I have made through Twitter, Olioboard, Facebook, and IRL over the past several months, and I cannot wait to see what the last quarter of the year has in store!


  1. You are so lovely and I've just had many wow, really?! moments while reading- you WILL design a home, race cars, have a non-profit animal rescue, and do more than you can even think of! {love that we both lived in G'boro!} Blessings,

    Julie @gosimplysavvy

    1. Thank you SO much for the continued support and cheering section! I have a feeling I am going to need a lot of organization and multitasking skills in order to knock everything off of the list!

  2. Thank you so much for the mention!! I loved learning more about you, and your animal rescue idea is an awesome one! We rescued our Jack last year and we love him more I could ever imagine :)

    1. You are most welcome! The animal rescue seems so far from what I do (for work) on a day to day basis, but can you imagine designing a rescue facility that was warm and inviting?! SO far from the chain link fences and cold surroundings people are used to! I bet adoptions would rise!! We have 4 cats and 3 dogs, all cats were found at gas stations (or something similar) and all of our dogs were "breeder rejects". Rescue is the best breed!