Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wishful Wednesday

Receiving the Lovely Blog Award spurred me to think about what I wanted to share about myself that you might not have known, and I realized that much of what defines me are the things I dream about doing! I have always been a fan of fairy tales, happy endings, dreaming big, and bringing a bit of magic to everyday life. As I enter into yet another new phase of life, and planning for the next one, I would like to extend the touch of magic to other people's lives! What do you wish for? What do you dream of? If you could change one thing, element, or detail about your home what would it be? Do you have a favorite cause you want to bring attention to? I want to hear about it!
Two years ago I lost one of my horses to a severe irreversible back injury. Her name was Mary, and her show name was "Wishful Thinking" (yes, that one I picked myself). The story behind her show names comes from a conversation I had with my mom prior to her purchase. I was having issues with my main show horse at the time, Cowboy, and my trainer was letting me ride Mary while she rode Cowboy for me. We each loved both horses, wanted the best for both of them, and created an idea....a switch. When I told my mom about the idea she said that was "wishful thinking" and the name stuck!
Unless you look into what you really want to make out of your own life, you will be unable to pick your wishes! I think the perfect metaphor for this philosophy are hidden rooms and secret passageways. Here are some fun ones!

Photo sourced from Houzz

Photo sourced from CarrieCan

Photo sourced from Park Place Real Estate

Tell me your hidden wishes!! I am going to do my best to make someone's wish come true once a month, and if it goes well, I'll grant more wishes! 

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