Monday, October 8, 2012

Quick Fix: Seasonal Bedding

On days like today I find myself inspired to make the small changes around the house that bring the Fall and Winter season indoors. It's somewhere in the high 40s outside and drizzling, so I have lit all of my Fall Yankee Candles, made some coffee, have a loaf of homemade bread in the maker, and want to share with you my latest "quick switch, big impact" project!
The biggest statement piece in your bedroom is most likely your bed; more specifically, the linens on your bed. I doubt that anyone uses all of the pillows they have there, or even all of the layers, but when you pull it all together you want it to not only reflect your style, but also the season you're living in! Here's what I did for my master bedroom to pull Fall indoors:
Step One shows the bedding we had for the Summer. Everything except for the throw pillow in step one is from Restoration Hardware, the throw pillow is from West Elm.

I was lucky this season because we had a new West Elm open near us! I bought the standard and euro shams there (the euros were on sale!) and I was able to use an additional Friends & Family discount of 20% off! The idea behind this type of change out is that you don't NEED to change your sheets, or duvet cover (the things you use to actually sleep with), but you can add a lot of punch with just a few changes!
This was the result:

Big difference! didn't quite "do it" for me! When I think of Fall and Winter, I think cozy & soft. The geometric pillow, while dark, almost made it too dark and not cozy enough for me, so I did just one more change!

The knit sweater look of this throw from West Elm is PERFECT to bring my sense of Fall style indoors, and not just into my closet with clothes, but our living space! It also serves the purpose of lightening the look just a bit! All I need to make this look complete is one of these two blankets!

This one is very trendy with metallic strands woven through the blankets! So much mixing of metallic colors this season!

Here's a sneak peek at the home makeover I'm doing at my mom's new townhouse!
Just a paint change right now from a soft yellow to a fabulous purple gray! It's by Benjamin Moore, and it's called "Amorous"...pretty lovely if you ask me!

In case you haven't seen the buzz on Twitter or Facebook today from Olioboard, they are kicking off some early High Point Market inspiration with an OlioHop about the fusion of Fashion and Furniture! It's an amazing topic discussed by FABULOUS bloggers! Lynda from Focal Point is in the mix this time so here's a link to her post! Be sure to hop through all of the other talent as well!


  1. I love how you switched up your bedding to feel more fall-like! I'm wanting one of those cozy throws from West Elm too!

    1. Thanks, I think I love everything about Fall!! The throws are an added bonus!