Sunday, June 1, 2014

Operation Nursery

Four weeks ago we found out that we are expecting a little boy this time around, and quite frankly we were both SHOCKED!! Just about everything with this pregnancy is just like it was with Dablet, except the nausea....this time until week 20 it was SO MUCH WORSE! I was SURE this little bean was another girl! But, in typical boy fashion, he was not shy about showing off just how wrong we were! While Dablet had her legs firmly crossed forcing a second ultrasound to finish measurements and determine gender (gotta love my modest girl!), this little man had is knee pulled up to his chest and in mid flip showed his goods.
After the shock started to wear off I started getting excited about this little bean being a little man! Let's be honest, part of the excitement came from knowing just what I would be designing for! While I have had to channel all of my nesting urges to packing, donating, and selling things we no longer need gearing up for our move in a couple months, I could definitely start thinking about this little guy's room!
Immediately I knew navy and white. Crisp and clean - sophisticated and something he can grow into. I don't usually do "themed rooms", but more color schemes. Ultimately we decided to add pops of orange for some bright fun flair! Of course I am excited about playing with pattern mixing too!
Here are some inspirations I have so far. All pins can be found on my Baby Room Pinterest Board

Navy walls, white curtains, with orange pops

Gallery wall with white frames - this will accent off of the navy nicely

I loved this idea for a memento gallery wall by using shadow boxes to frame
the first onesie and hospital photo

I have ALWAYS loved unframed canvas prints!
(this giraffe is also already a resident in Dablet's room!)

Lovely serine nursing corner (and the same giraffe!) I Love poofs for ottomans

Upcycled sign is a masculine touch with the wood - you could put anything on it

We will be re-purposing Dablet's crib and changing table to use again. The crib is the Catilina 3-in-1 and the Ultimate Changing Table, both from Pottery Barn Kids

(photos from our maternity shoot in Dablet's nursery)

However, I didn't want to keep the dark wood - but was scared to paint it with just any paint. I was SO excited to hear about Lullaby Paints! It's a baby safe paint specifically created for this purpose! I'm thinking of using this color to pop off the walls, but not be stark white!

Here's to daydream designing!!

Friday, May 30, 2014

The Final Farewell

Today was (finally) the day we officially closed on our house in Durham - as in papers signed and it's sold! It's a happy occasion because it means we are one step closer to the next chapter of life with our family, and one step closer to just about every personal goal we have been working towards - but it felt odd.
Every time I have been in that house recently over the last few months it hasn't felt like "our house". It's been empty, shown empty, and we've known it was sold for a while now. But every time I went, I knew deep down that there would be one more thing that I forgot to touch up, repair, or what have you. Now that I think about it, even though I sporadically complained under my breath that there was always something else, part of me enjoyed knowing I would get to go back one more time.

So many wonderful memories happened in that house. It was our first house together right after we got married:

Cliche - but fabulous!

It's where we started our family and where we brought Dablet home:

That house was so full of happiness for us as a family, but it also carried many tough life lessons. No matter how you look at it, I will never forget that house. When I walked out today after the final walk though to make sure I had all things checked off my mom asked me "any regrets?". I said, "no, no regrets - we're one step closer to so much more" and I meant it. I was even fine though signing a flurry of papers, meeting the buyers and feeling thrilled that they would have so many of the same fabulous milestones that we had with their new baby in that house. Once I got in the car I became inexplicably emotional - I wish I could blame pregnancy hormones, but I don't think that covers all of it. 
It truly was no longer our home - even though we haven't lived there in months. I felt like I had to turn over the spaces in the house to someone else. Where we had the blow up bed before we moved all our furniture in, the loft where Kyle and I would watch movies before we were parents and have at home date nights, the spot the rocker lived where I took so many naps with Dablet, the countless family dinners made in the kitchen, the Christmas tree corner, the playroom, the spot behind the couch where Dablet first crawled, even where I was sitting when I realized I had miscarried each time. 
For a while it was hard for me to realize that I was turning over space and that was all. I wasn't turning over memories; I wasn't turning over emotions. Whenever you leave a home, no matter if you loved or hated the space, there will be emotion because it has been your home. It has sheltered your family and provided for you, but you get to take that with you. When you move you change homes but what makes that space a home for the years you live there goes with you - your family. I am so blessed to have an amazing family that makes emotional ties to places so strong! I say thank you to everyone who spent time with us in that home, and cannot wait for all of the new memories to come in our next home especially bringing home our baby boy and seeing Dablet grow into a fabulous big sister!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Peace in Small Places

There has been a lot of buzz recently about Spring cleaning tips, organizational ideas, and all that comes along with changing of the season, warm weather, and lighting a fire under our butts to get life back on track once again. But let's face's daunting. I saw an article recently about a 10 "easy" step guide to Feng Shui your home so you were happier and more productive - I practically had a panic attack after reading step one. The idea of carving out enough time to accomplish that step in our current living situation made me sweat!
Kyle and I were talking about the differences between our old house in Durham (about 3300 square feet) and our current rental (about 1500 square feet). You would think that it would be a lot easier to keep clean because it's so much smaller - at least that was my initial impression when we moved in! How wrong was I!! First, with three big dogs (no fenced in back yard anymore) and a toddler, it takes about 30 minutes for the entire first floor to be "destroyed". Then the stress level rises because there is nowhere to send the creatures while you try to pull things back together. I'm still trying to figure out why I try to pull things back together because it only takes another 30 minutes to destroy it all again.
Then, the cabinet space and dishwasher size are both significantly smaller than what we had. If there is one thing toddlers are great at, it's getting dishes dirty and Dablet is going through the "I need a snack" phase...all   day    long. So what has happened? I LOT of purging! And we're going to have a BIG yard sale next month as well. Goodwill has become our best friend, and this time not for shopping, but donating! It's a nice life exercise to focus on what you actually NEED versus things you think you have to have, and creative small space storage ideas! I'm sure that when we move again in September back into a bigger space we will thank ourselves for this time!
But until then - I wanted to share some little ideas I found that made me feel better, and were quick small space ideas! Sometimes you just need a little corner that you can see to get started and be your happy place before you move on to the rest of the chaos!

Give yourself something when you walk in that makes you feel good!

I don't mind doing laundry, I'm not hugely successful at putting it all away once I'm done with it however! Part of the problem is being so worn out by the process - this would make life easier! 

Anytime you can get things onto a wall and off surfaces is a win!

SHELVING!!! It's your best friend in a small space! 
The top picture is an easy find at Target or Lowes, and the bottom one could be installed easily above ANY door! Life is better with functional storage!

All pictures featured here can be found on my Small Space Peace board on Pinterest, along with others!

Happy Spring cleaning!

Friday, April 18, 2014

The Hormonal Truth

At a recent doctor's visit for this pregnancy (now almost 16 weeks along!) my doctor and I were chatting about the differences between first and second pregnancies. I should probably preface this by saying that my main OB is male, something I was TOTALLY skeptical about in the beginning, but I will be scheduling this repeat c-section based entirely on his schedule in the operating room. While he may have never birthed a child, he has NEVER made me feel crazy or dismissed any of my questions. So the conversation that ensued I totally bought into without ever thinking "ya, but this guy has never experienced anything I'm talking about so how would he get it?!"
The short of it is most mamas-to-be don't really read pregnancy books with subsequent pregnancies. Even if they did, there isn't a ton out there that talks about things to expect during subsequent pregnancies except the age old "you'll start showing sooner" mantra. Maybe it's not true for everyone, but what else comes along with the showing sooner is earlier more severe round ligament pain, earlier/more back pain, even more exhaustion (why?! because you have at least one other small being running around this time), and for most the sheer bliss of first time expectancy has flown out the window. You KNOW (unless you were super lucky and absolutely LOVED being pregnant every second the first time) that pregnancy is NOT a cake walk or remotely glamorous. And with that knowledge can sometimes come fear. You've been through a delivery before, and realize that no matter how many of them you will go through, you'll still never know what to expect!
We talked about that too. About how during my c-section with Abby I had the mother of all anxiety attacks and wanted to bolt off the table - paying no mind to the fact that that would have been physically impossible. We talked about why it happened, that I'm not alone, and that there are ways we can try to work around it this time! We talked about me considering getting my tubes 27 years old I am legitimately considering this. Why?! BECAUSE! I LOVE children. I would have a huge houseful of them. I have miserable early (if not entire) pregnancies.
This beautiful little fact was something I didn't even realize until this pregnancy. If you had asked me after my pregnancy with Dablet how it was, I would have said "fine! no issues!" HUH?!?! Let's reflect - severe nausea and vomiting the entire pregnancy, migraines, two early labor scares, choking acid reflux, almost two weeks of early labor contractions every two minutes for intervals of hours on end with no progress...sounds like a day at the spa! But I was BLISSFUL, and honestly I am convinced that your body produces something as soon as that little bit is born causing amnesia so you continue to procreate.
And yet, my dearest friends still have to dig deep to ask me how I REALLY am this time, why? Because there is that "I'm not sure what to do with these frustrated woe is me feelings because I should only feel blessed" gray area that comes after having a miscarriage let alone multiple miscarriages.
Here's the truth - it's 40 weeks of unpredictable chaotic hormone filled physically draining exhausting wonder, during which time you literally lose your mind. Pregnancy brain is a legitimate thing people! There is NO reason to feel guilty for not feeling good, wanting the pain/nausea/exhaustion to go away. None of those feelings discredit the recognition that life is a blessing, and because this is something we wanted so badly we are lucky to be experiencing it. It's kind of like the ultimate fear factor - every crazy mind-boggling task you go through to get the prize is so entirely worth it, but it doesn't mean you can't gag when you see some of the things you go through!
So here's to hormones and embracing whatever is about to happen next!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Life's Next

The last time I wrote here I shared about our struggle with miscarriages and some of the testing we were going through. I also said I would keep the loop open during our journey for a take home baby #2, we were going to try a clomid cycle and were waiting for the "right" time mentally, emotionally, and physically to start trying again. Then the fear set in - it honestly became scary to share that part because what if it didn't work? what if it did, but we weren't ready to share the news yet? I have always loved my blog and writing this way, but I found myself more afraid and wanting to be more secretive than I expected. Life happened!
As it turns out...we didn't need medication, we received a blessing. And here it is:

(insert crazy freak out moment continuation!!)
We're almost out of our first trimester and it's been a wild ride so far! Hyperemesis gravidarum (severe nausea and vomiting), a diagnosed subchorionic hemorrhage that was re-diagnosed today as a placental lake - essentially a pool of moving blood in the placenta, not a concern like our original diagnosis was as long as my placenta keeps moving up!
What's next? A little bit more breathing room as we exit our first trimester with a baby who looks like he or she is developing beautifully - and a new living arrangement that extends beyond the addition of a new family member!
We are working on a multi-generational building project with my mom and because of the change in life this blog will be getting a new home over the next few weeks to "Life's Next". Whatever the "next" may be, I'm not sure because there are too many of them!
Cheers to new life phases!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Defining "Healthy"

For months upon months now, I have been "meaning" to put myself on the list! It's an interesting concept - finding time for yourself as an individual not just pertaining to being an independent business owner, wife, or mom! It's a CRUCIAL concept!!! For Christmas, my mom treated me to a gym membership which propelled me into a let's get back into shape mentality. While thinking about having a second baby (whenever that ends up happening), the fact that I hadn't been to the gym in 3.5 years, the chronic Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome I have dealt with for the last (almost) 15 years, and a desire for a healthier lifestyle there was no option but to do this the right way!
Let's be blunt for a second shall we? I get it a lot - when I go into Starbucks and order a skim drink - when I talk about needing to watch what I eat - when I even dare to make a comment about being out of shape...that "what are you talking about?! You're so skinny!" comment. Since when does "skinny" define HEALTHY?! Never once have I said I wanted to lose weight - in fact I have never cared what the scale says because it can be VERY misleading when trying to define healthy! I order skim drinks because (due to the IBS) my body cannot process milk fat and I don't think the Starbucks people want me to puke on them - I talk about watching what I eat so I don't send myself into an inflammation flare up and end up in the hospital (in fact, A LOT of people suffer from inflammation from eating processed foods without even knowing about it!) - and I am out of shape - FOR ME!
Here's some evidence that knocked my socks off today:
I went in for a "My Health Score" at Life Time Fitness - the gym I am going to right by our house. I got an 84 - that's a B - for ONE reason. My triglycerides were through the roof!! Those are a way that your body stores fat for energy - but this one is in your blood stream not your waist. Sure, it could be stress related, but it could also be the fact that I LOVE carbs. Say it with me - LOVE CARBS!!!
Before you think I'm about to go off on an "I'm giving up pasta, bread, and brownies forever" kick, let me assure you I am NOT! I wouldn't survive! BUT.....I can make smarter choices! Quit going for the "quick and refined" carbs - go for whole grains. Not necessarily the things that say "multi-grain" or "whole wheat", I'm talking about literally the grains are there right in front of me and I do the cooking. Knowing when to time what food group I consume around my physical activity, and actually knowing what the label says on the food I consume. You literally are what you eat, and I don't want to be something I cannot pronounce!
Of course, this lead to a pantry clean out and a quick blitz grocery shop for a few new starting points. What I've realized is our economy profits from our population not knowing what "healthy" really means and jacks the prices up on anything organic, whole grain, gluten-free (you get the picture). Why?! Maybe it has something to do with it still being a niche market while fast food remains accepted by the masses. I would love to see the day that the "dollar menu" no longer exists simply because they can't buy in the volume they need to support the crazy low prices.
So what do you think? As part of this journey to get healthy I'll be sharing some meal tips and lifestyle tricks with you - but until that next post it's time to get the homemade banana bread out of the oven! *Don't worry - I added wheat germ for a protein and fiber boost* :)

Until next time

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Joy for Today

I thought about what to call this post because Joy is something we all aim to have for more than a day, but to have it for a long period of time we have to choose it each and every day. When you wake up in the morning, what do you do? Are you consciously waking up choosing to be happy? Are you falling asleep full of angst? Do you think that the events of your day are destined no matter what, or fueled by the state of mind you bring to each day?
It's a hard concept to accept responsibility for your life! Even harder to accept responsibility for your state of mind. Long ago (at least 10 years!) I had a conversation with my mom that ended a bit like this:
Me:  "Why do you have to make me feel so GUILTY?!"
Mom:  "I can't make you feel anything - that's not me, that's you"
I was FURIOUS!! Of course our parents can make us feel guilty, can't they? The idea that we are all individually in control of our emotional reactions to things has stuck with me over the years. It has bugged me, and empowered me. However, it wasn't until this past weekend that I felt like I could really DO something with it!
Wake up each and EVERY morning and CHOOSE JOY! Throughout your day use a simple analysis of your situations - Is what I'm doing bringing me Joy or closer to my goal? If it's not - Change it QUICKLY! Of course, we all find ourselves in situations that we don't find joy in. It might be the long line at the drive up ATM, paying bills, washing dishes, or even picking up your dog's "business" from the back yard. But what do each of those things mean? You have money to deposit, utilities you can keep on, food on your plate to make it dirty, and a life you are taking care of.
I tucked Dablet in last night (one of the several times because she kept getting up!) and it was freezing outside. I was in the small bedroom sitting there thinking, "I would live in this one little room with her and Kyle forever and be happy because we have a roof over our heads, heat in our space, and everything we could possibly NEED, we have each other!"
Our lives have been so full of pain and stress over the past year with our miscarriages, family illness, and absolutely normal chaos (including moving the weekend after Thanksgiving reducing our home size by more than 50%). I have often caught myself thinking "can this all please just stop - we have SO much going on!" But today I choose JOY - to find happiness in the piles of clothes that have to be put away because we have them! When there seems to be more month than money - I choose to find JOY that I will be pushed to touch more lives and make a difference with my leadership role in Mary Kay!
You mind is a powerful tool, and if you allow others (or even your circumstances) to impact you constantly to the point of distress, you are giving them WAY too much control and power in your life! I can only imagine the success and blessings we will receive because we choose JOY!
Today was very much a Joyful day already as we picked up our second FREE car from Mary Kay this year - my first year in business!

To be able to do this while keeping my priorities right and spending an abundance of hands on time with my family is more than enough to fuel the joy moving forward! Anything you want to achieve you can because you decide to!!
Until Next Time...

Monday, October 21, 2013

Behind Closed Doors

By the title of this post you may think I'm going to touch on something lewd, risque, or emotionally breaking - not quite, but after the past 3 days, I might just view it as emotionally breaking. These are the doors you do not need to open when you go look at a house, and what I'd like to share is how we, as living breathing human beings, can keep the door you shouldn't open from being the front one. What does life look like in this situation?
It was "bad enough" to have to get about a third of our "stuff" into one of those POD things and out of the house to have the pictures taken for the listing. Sure, that may make us sound like some sort of hoarder family, and yes I have my fair share (plus some) of Christmas decorations, but showing a house is an art form. Especially, let me reiterate, ESPECIALLY when you're competing with new construction.
Pictures went well enough, and then we had open houses on back to back weekends. Simple enough in itself, right? Sure! The dogs were boarded, the times were predictable, we had Dablet set up with other activities.
No Problem!
But then the rest of showing a house sets in....and you literally lose your mind.
Ok...I should have a warning label on my forehead when it comes to things like this:

Note: It's not because things are disastrous, but if my home is on display I know how these things work. Prospective buyers have CRAZY expectations of what a home should look like. It should be a display piece, with no dust, no dishes, no laundry (or clothes for that matter), no signs of life. So when you're actually LIVING in a house while it's on the market, life is more like this:

Case in point:
This past Saturday was a FULL day of Mary Kay appointments, a quick stop by the softball complex in Raleigh to watch Kyle play for a bit, and a day with Dablet. Finally ended up back at home around 5:15 excited to put Dablet to bed and relax for a bit since we have spent the last two weeks traveling and fighting off a toddler with a 106 fever...or is it a 106 fever in a toddler....either way....CHAOS.
The clock strikes 5:45 and my phone buzzes....Centralized Showing Service....showing request for your home at 6:30.
Instant. Brain. Explosion.
45 minutes to....I can't even process everything on the list. Immediately respond with "NO" to cancel the request. Here's the thing about trying to sell your house though, it REALLY helps if people can get into see it! So I called and said that if they REALLY wanted to come see it, we could do 7:30 with a window extending until 8:30 - at which point we could go back in the house. 
Showing time ACCEPTED....back to freak out mode.
The next hour and a half is what I like to call Operation Flash! I don't know much about comics, but I know Flash moves VERY quickly! What exactly had to happen in an hour and a half while I was home by myself with Dablet, THREE DOGS, and THREE CATS?!?! Well, let's see.....
Hide all the laundry that had piled up, the dishwasher was already full of dirty dishes, so the dirty dishes that were filling the sink from the dinner party the night before were met with a fighting stare from me before I decided there was no use. Scrub the glass shower (always a pointless task...will never have clear glass again), get rid of the trash, diapers, recycling, and clean the playroom. And there were those stinkin dishes still sitting there....By this time my mom had arrived to give Dablet dinner. Back to shoving things into drawers, cabinets that never get opened, and wiping down EVERY. SINGLE. SURFACE. in the house...maybe you're thinking that isn't such a big I said...we have THREE DOGS who have made it their mission in life to find a way to get hair on every single surface within 10 minutes of said surfaces being cleaned.
Time to get the cats in carriers and kick them out with my mom and Dablet...and of course, Dablet thinks it's fun to try and play with the kitties, so she unzipped a carrier and Meow had an attempted escape in our front lawn...insert four letter words loud enough for the neighborhood to hear uttered by my mom as she grabbed her mid-air on the lawn...perfect....
OK, now to hide any evidence that those cats live in our house, because let's be honest...showing a home that pets live in is like trying to Windex the cages monkeys live in at the zoo so a toddler could lick the glass at a moment's notice...
By this time I'm more than sweating...literally RUNNING around my house to get things done. Time to stick the dogs in the car, but where in the world are the leashes?!?! Grab scarves to get them out there into my mom's car because Kyle has our big SUV at a softball tournament. Fabulous. With 5 minutes to go before I have to be out of the house it's a standoff between vacuuming our red rug in the living room, or doing the dishes in the sink. Let's face it, not even Flash can wash, dry, and put away a sink full of dishes in 5 minutes. The rug wins and I resorted to putting the dishes in reusable shopping bags and hiding them in our garage. There is NO shame to "make it work" when in crisis like this!
Blitz out of the house after a literal run through to blow out all of the Fall scented candles with no time to let them go out on their own. You know what I'm talking about, that candle that can't make up its mind if you blew hard enough so it smokes for a I licked my fingers and pinched each one out. I'm honestly not sure if I used a new finger each time, or if I had soot on my face after...and make sure I didn't leave anything at our front entry table...and I'm in the car.
It wasn't until I got out of our neighborhood that I realized I didn't have my shoes.... and I was wearing all gray...I looked like I had just escaped an institution.
Meet up with my mom at a gas station, because my car that she took was on fumes (of course). Got to pump gas under full florescent lighting in my gray getup with no shoes...while one of the cats puked and did other unmentionable things in his carrier...he used to be my favorite.

There was a lot more that happened after that, but the moral is, you really can't LIVE in your home while it's on the market if you want to show it in a competitive place. Never mind have a toddler who has a mission in life to destroy anything you put in its place. And FORGET about having even a single pet...let alone 6 in the house....When I did the math, we have 30 legs to get out of the house at any given moment.
I went back to a beautiful breathtaking photo Kyle showed me a few days ago, and it's now at the top of my Christmas wishlist.....

Someone come organize a cleaning closet like this for me. I'm great at organizing...but way too much of a perfectionist for my own projects to ever start and finish something this spectacular for myself. Unfortunately, I can't have a cleaning lady on call during this life will have to go on! We had another showing today...this time we had almost 2 hours, but I was only home for the last hour...we survived, and I remembered my shoes!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tidbit Tuesday: Your Mailbox

It's no secret to anyone that I have a passion for printed goods! The two years I spent as an owner of a custom printing company overseeing our marketing and graphic design fueled that passion even more! When I think about ways to brighten someone's day - it usually involves a handwritten note.
Recently, I was in need of some new, fun, and motivational postcards to send to the fabulous women in my Mary Kay unit and I found the PERFECT solution from an Etsy shop called Charm & Gumption. Holly, the shop's owner, lives in Nashville and has the motto "mixing business with style". Who wouldn't love that?! She may have NO idea who I am - except for order number "xyz" - but she will be seeing much more of me in her order history!
Check out the postcards I ordered!
Colorful, Quick, and Inspirational!

Often times we find ourselves questioning the outcome of our motives. Do I really have balance? Is it worth it? Where in the world is the light at the end of this tunnel? Can I make my dreams come true?! Knowing you have someone in your corner is vital to the process of a "KEEP GOING" attitude! I have been blessed with an abundance of people like that in my corner, and thanks to Charm & Gumption I have a fun chic way to pass on the motivation!
You too can make all of your wildest dreams come true!

Until next time,

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Getting Back on the Page

When I started this blog "back in the day" it was an outlet for a working mom with somewhat aimless creativity to bring moments of pure bliss to an otherwise ordinary life. Then, life happened!
My prolonged absences are due to the mismatch of life as I know it now and what I was setting out to create with life and "Dabble In Chic" - how could I write about it if it didn't fit?! Well that's simple; the same way I always wrote: honestly.  Let's face it, life is never ultimately what we think we can create it to be, but that doesn't mean we need to totally recreate the wrapper we want to put it in.
So what are we dabbling in now? Well, Dablet just turned 2, I just had a birthday, and we put our house on the market! Want to check it out? Click HERE!
Things are full swing with Mary Kay, just earned our second free car in 5 months, and sights are set on the Pink Caddy....but none of that is really on the full frontal radar. My inability to get back to the blog stems from my life as a mom, and redefining my place in the realm of pregnancy experience. Simply put - since the beginning of this year, we have had 3 miscarriages. My blog has always been a place for me to share life, passion, and fun things going on because I loved being able to focus on my life as a "stay at home working mom" - but through all of that it has been hard to come back to center and get past the "I should be x months pregnant right now" feeling.
Loss is something that is unfortunately not a unique experience. We were blessed in a way, because we were provided answers clearly pointing to the "why" these things happened. That's not a blessing provided to everyone who goes through a loss, so for that I am thankful. I used to wonder what to say to someone who had experienced a miscarriage, and there really isn't anything "right". I have a beautiful amazing little girl who lights up my life! So many don't have that when they go through loss. What I finally realized (through counseling that was vital!) is that I spent several months out of this year angry, and I didn't know why - then it hit me. My innocence had been stripped away. I was blissfully ignorant when I was pregnant with Abby! We told people we were expecting just about as soon as that second pink line popped up on the stick! My pregnancy with her was from from perfect - but she was perfectly healthy and is thriving. The untouchable feeling is something that quickly escapes you when looking towards trying to get pregnant again after a loss. It is hard to ever feel peaceful because of experience.
Three things are playing factors in my miscarriages - 1) MTHFR Mutation 2) Increased Anti-cardiolipin antibody 3) low progesterone. Crazy words right? What's crazier - these things don't just "pop up" (especially the genetics!) and were pre-existing to Dablet! She's even more of a miracle. On top of that, there is a pretty straight forward work around for each - and when we're ready we can try again with a little help!
I felt it necessary to share how my perspective has changed, and how it might affect how I find my chic moments and mommy moments moving forward - there will be talk of our journey to bring home our baby #2! We all have a need to bring Chic to life, no matter what we may be going through!
Here's to getting back in the saddle, back on the blog, and back in a mandatory moment of chic for each part of life! I hope you'll tag along!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

18 Month Whirlwind!

Hey Everyone!
I know I've been back and forth for a while on here, and please forgive my absence! Things have been Crazy (good)!! Today is Dablet's 18 month "birthday"! If someone told me 18 months ago as I settled in for our first night as a family of three that I would be in the position I'm in right now, I would have laughed! Don't you feel like we say that A LOT?! "If someone had told me then...." What I have realized is my idea of myself is ever changing. I am a constant work in progress and I LOVE IT!!

This is life now! Daily doses of perfect wrapped up in chaos!

I thought when I had my little girl that I would go back to work and she would go to daycare. I NEVER thought I would want to be a stay at home mom! It scared me to think that my identity would be based around another person, and to lose a certain amount of freedom; not to mention...where would the money come from?! I have been empowered by my Mary Kay business! I was lead to it for a reason greater than myself, or my family, and it has done things for us I never thought possible! I get to work, and I get to work from home! I get to work in chunks of time in between nap time, trips to the park, the grocery store, and snuggle sessions with my little girl! 
So why does all of this matter?! Because I know there are SO many other women out there afraid of losing individuality when they become mothers. Afraid of trusting their children to other people. Afraid of how they will make the ends meet each month in their bank accounts to make sure that those little sparkles we created have the best that life can offer! Life can be absolutely scary sometimes, but it gets a lot less scary when you hold out your hand and ask for help. When you take hold of an opportunity. When you empower yourself to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! That pebble drop in the pool causes ripples far beyond what you will be able to see, and you become an inspiring example for other women to do the same!
So, Cheers to 18 months of chaos and redefinition! I hope the next 18 are just as fabulous!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine's Day...Get Ready!!

Happy Monday everyone!! Today is a perfect type of Mommy Monday!! It's somewhat nasty weather outside, I made my morning run to Starbucks and shared some fabulous Mary Kay goodie bags with the ladies there (they LOVED them!), and I have blocked off some special snuggle time with Dablet before she naps. I'm pretty sure I couldn't be doing this in any other "normal" job!
I wanted to start the week off with a giveaway! Ladies, (and gentlemen!) let's change the mold for Valentine's Day! Sure, we all love getting flowers and chocolate...but eventually the flowers will wilt, and at some point we might be worried that the chocolate will end up on our hips! Can we self indulge for a little bit?! Can we ask for something lasting like the love we are celebrating?! Mary Kay has put together some fabulous gift sets to make life easy for Valentine's Day and I want to treat my fabulous followers to one of them! YOUR CHOICE!!

The Choices:
Luscious Lips: Four steps to kissable lips. Includes the Satin Lips set, Mary Kay’s new Lipstick, and a moisturizing Lip Gloss
Sexy Body: (Available in 4 scents!) Three-piece Spa Set leaves a soft lingering scent & smooth skin. Includes Shower Gel, Sugar Scrub, Body Lotion, loofah
Dance to Life perfume: Mary Kay's special edition fragrance with notes of jasmine, magnolia, vanilla, and warm amber
Sensational Hands & More: Mary Kay's Peach or Unscented Satin Hands Set, Mint Bliss Foot & Leg Lotion, and a Nail Polish
**Each Set includes gift wrapping, Mary Kay Best Selling products, a chocolate treat (because who REALLY wants to totally give up the chocolate?!) and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!**

How to Enter:
Leave me a comment with your choice of gift basket and tell me if it's for you, your sweetie, or a gift for someone you want to Share the Love with! It's THAT simple!! Please include a contact email so I can be sure to notify you if you win! Also, let me know if you currently have a Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay!
What's better is that EVERY person who enters will be a winner in some way! I have lots of goodies to give away this Valentine's Day because I am on a mission to SHARE the LOVE with everyone!!

Want to shop for your Valentine's Gifts?! Email me and I will be happy to play your personal cupid! Or you can shop on my website!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Beginnings!

Today was the last day and the first day all rolled into one! It was my last day working for Crate & Barrel, and it was a day providing approval for Kyle's next business venture. Honestly, it was an answered prayer! I've had to field all kinds of concern from people who think I'm slightly off my rocker for leaving something that is "guaranteed" to do something that might not be. If I never took chances, the only sure thing would be never doing anything. So I sent up a little prayer for a sign that everything would be OK, not just OK, but great! As a mother I doubted myself for bringing my "uncertainty" to Kyle's uncertainty and having all of that transfer onto Dablet. However, all of our hard work has paid off!
On my way home from my last day at Crate & Barrel, Kyle told me this would be the start of his next first! Top that off with the fact that I literally made money in my sleep last night! I remember one day in middle school when someone told me how much money Bill Gates makes in his sleep because of all of the interest his money earns. I thought it was such a novel concept...make money while you're sleeping, and I promised myself that one day I would be able to do that. Not because I don't want to actually WORK for what I earn, but because I want the work I do today to keep working for me every day after. I had online orders last night while I was sleeping! My networking worked for me while I got to rest up and recharge for another day full of it!
Even as I type this, I am learning how more of the seeds I took the time to plant in the world are starting to grow!! It is proof that even when you put your family first above what "society" calls "Normal Employment" and stay true to yourself and your priorities you CAN succeed!!

Do you want to learn more about how to make your wildest dreams come true?! Email me! Or take the quiz online through my website!!

Be the most beautiful person you were meant to be!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pay it Forward

In case you missed the Pink Bubble introduction to 2013, you can find it here! One of the MANY reasons that I love being a part of Mary Kay is the nonprofit efforts the company supports. Even with incentives like a Makeover Contest, part of the Grand Prize is a donation to a charity benefiting women and children.

So what do you need to do? 
Get on the books for a makeover and set aside an hour to be pampered! You'll have before and after pictures of your looks, and YOU get to upload them to tell your story. The submissions will be accepted starting in March, but the sooner you get your new look done the more buzz you can create! You get to share your fabulous New Year New Look with friends and family and get votes! Best part is that on top of the prizes you can win, you can also win a $5,000 donation to your favorite charity benefiting women and children. 
Enthusiasm and Confidence can be contagious, and I cannot think of a better way to pay forward your satisfaction than to create an opportunity for other women to have the same feelings about themselves!

If you're interested, email me!

"Act as if what you do matters. It does!"

Monday, January 14, 2013

Pucker up 2013!!

Hello again everyone!! It's been WAY too long since I got myself on here and shared with everyone! Every time I come to write something, something else pulls me away, and I have finally said "ENOUGH!"
I have learned so much this past holiday season from so many inspiring people. I took a seasonal position with Crate & Barrel doing visual merchandising and have LOVED it! I am a completely different type of shopper now, and can thoroughly appreciate the brains behind the beautiful displays we all see that make us think "I could live like that"! Through all of the challenges and growth that opportunity has provided me, I have still been looking for that thing that makes me say "I will live like that!" and seize my tomorrow today!

With Dablet now more of a little lady than ever, I have been hunting for an answer to the question: 
How do I provide for my family financially, maintain a flexible schedule, preserve the family fundamentals and priorities I have, and still feel fabulous as a woman?
I researched all kinds of independent sales opportunities. Some of them didn't have business models that made sense to me, others didn't provide a repeat customer base. Then two days before New Year's Eve I was perusing Facebook and it hit I made the phone call. "Sign me up! I'm going to take 2013 by storm, look and feel fabulous doing it!" I was nervous and unsure of myself, but I took the leap! On New Year's Eve I officially started my own Mary Kay business!
I have been beyond inspired by the women who not only work their business, but also mother their children in a hands on way, and provide an incredible support system to all of the recruits like me! My eyes have been opened to an amazing world of reward so far outside the same hourly rate for your efforts. For being accountable to yourself and to the rest of the people you meet. This is not a sales don't have to believe me on that one (but I could prove it to you!), this is a people industry! 
The National Area I came into has a mascot, the giraffe. Why?! Because it has the largest heart of all land mammals, and it sticks it neck out! Also, the biggest natural predator to the giraffe is the hyena ..that would be all of those people laughing at the fact that they just read I started a Mary Kay business! It's OK though, it's not for everyone! However, if you would like to know more about how you can make your dreams a reality by doing this yourself, I would LOVE to chat with you about it. Maybe you dream is to just improve your skin and learn once and for all just how to use all of those products you convince yourself you need! 
It is a blessing to not only be able to say "I can help YOU", but to know that while doing so I can provide for my family and spend more hands on time with my fabulous little girl and husband!
This is Dablet recently "looking ahead" to 2013! I will make all of our dreams come true!

I ask you to help me "pay it forward" by sharing my enthusiasm with yourself, or maybe someone you know who could use an opportunity like this! Maybe let me pay it forward by treating you to a facial! The more I grow the more I will have to give. I have already thought of campaigns like Hearts for Home - donating goodie bags with Mary Kay products for military moms, wives, and girlfriends of deployed military - or- Pucker up for Paws where a portion of sales can go to a local animal shelter when they host a virtual party! I have always loved working for a cause, and so does Mary Kay! My immediate cause may be my family, but the year is young and I'm ready and willing to grow! 
You can shop online here
or email me by visiting the Contact page! 
Have a FABULOUS 2013 and remember to be your own kind of beautiful!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weather Wonders

I wanted to take a minute to share something truly amazing with everyone today. I had to make last minute run out to Target for some final touches for Dablet's Halloween experience earlier this morning, and on my way home I was stunned by what I saw in the sky. I immediately called Kyle, who was off working somewhere about 30-40 minutes away from me, but he could see it too. I had never seen anything quite like it, and I can only assume that this weather phenomenon must have something to do with Hurricane Sandy...

There was a rainbow circling the looked as if it was keeping the haze away from the crystal clear bright light we finally had again today. The picture truly does not do this justice, but I promise it's real and I snapped this from my car. The rainbow went almost all the way around the sun! I had never seen an "upside down rainbow" before, and I had never seen one that acted as a weather barrier. Shortly after I got home, the clouds had moved in again and the rainbow was gone. This bright moment had been replaced by the cold dreary haze that most of the East Coast is still feeling. We were lucky with Sandy, but I know so many who were not. I thought this might bring a little joy into everyone's day. I'm hunting an explanation for this marvel, and when I find it I'll be sure to share!

Here is a second photo that Kyle took while he was out at the same time! It does a much better job of showing the full circle! 

Also, Lee Ringer, from News 14 Carolina, was nice enough to respond to my request for an explanation! So what is it?! It's a "sun halo" created by sunlight shining through tiny ice crystals very high in the atmosphere. Sounds like a giant prism effect I remember learning about in elementary school! You might see one of these photos as a weather shot of the day on the news one day soon!

Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dablet's Playroom - Phase One

The design, and redesign, of Dablet's playroom has been the center of attention around here for quite a while! When we sold our printing company early this year, we moved a large chunk of equipment and paper back to the house that quickly took up our formal dining room. I always knew that we would never use our formal dining room because we have a large open concept eat-in kitchen...but I did not expect it to turn into a storage room! It was especially disturbing to have it become storage because its one of our two front rooms when you first walk into the house...bad impression?! I think so!
This is what we had for a while as an eye sore while we tried to shift things around, purge, and clear out the room:
This is what can happen to your life quickly!

Clearly, that's not what anyone wants to live with! Once Dablet was interacting with everything around her in a much more hands on and mobile way (crawling too!), it because obvious that this room needed to be a playroom! We cleared it out and painted the "builders beige" walls with Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl (one of my FAVORITE grays!) and immediately the room looked better! 

We found a fabulous chair from IKEA that was supposed to have legs on it, but we never screwed them in!
Find this chair online here

It was the perfect height off the ground for Dablet to be able to safely climb in and out on her own. I'm contemplating getting a second one of these chairs for her in our family room and making a fun bright slipcover for this one! She clearly loves it!

Kids and tags!!!

This Solsta Olarp Chair was the perfect reading chair for her reading nook! I brought down a bookcase I was originally going to use in my new office because the teal popped so well against the gray! Once (some of) her books were on the shelves it brought SO much color into the room! That's one of the things I love about the gray backdrop; it's a perfect canvas for all kinds of colors. It's essential to have lots of color in a child's space:
I found this piece at HomeGoods!

Because the opposite corner in the room is going to be her crafty area, we decided to put her main toy storage on the same wall as her reading nook. Of course the most important part to any playroom (aside from the color!) is the functionality. Toy storage has to be more than just easy for me to quickly return order to the room, Dablet needs to be able to use it herself! Safely too!

Again we went to IKEA for this one! The Trofast Toy Storage series is PERFECT for allowing you to get what you need based on what you have to store! Different colors, and bucket depths (all mounted on easy sliding brackets) make a custom look possible!

Added bouns, Dablet has NO problem emptying everything out herself, and I have no problem quickly putting things back together!

Her foam ABC, 123 mat will soon be replaced by a rug, but the pop of color has been welcome!

So far I have this wall done, with the opposite wall "under construction"! The artwork that Nicole ap! created for us is being framed and I cannot wait to finish off the look! Dablet is accepting appointments to come check out her playroom, as long as you don't mind getting on the ground and enjoying it with her! This project has allowed me to think like a kid again, and lay to rest thee stigma against having playrooms as soon as you walk into someone's house. Maybe you'll disagree with me, but when this look is done I am confident it will be a nice sight to walk in the door to!