Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Resume of Life

For as long as I can remember, I have struggled with the idea of failure. It's probably not a concept most people handle "well" to begin with, but the list of things that you just didn't talk about seemed to grow as I got older. To preface this, it was not because of my parents that I felt I couldn't admit when things didn't go as I had planned, but I do hold myself to very high standards because of their level of achievement!
Think about writing a resume for a job - what do you list?! Your achievements! It's very easy to take the same approach to the highlight reel of your life - you only list the good stuff. But the past few years have proven to be a roller coaster of progress, and if I choose to only talk about life during a highlight...well I'm not sure I would have made it to the next highlight or thought I had much to say!
The fact is, life happens. Sounds easy right? You hear it all the time - you even expect things to not go perfectly well all the time - but do you address the moments that test you with as much joy as the "easy times"? Probably not - it's not "normal" - we are an achievement driven society and can tend to think that if we didn't "win", then we fail. Then I heard this quote:

This fell hand in hand for me with Dablet telling me "I'm happy because I want to be happy"! Then, instinctively, I resisted...."but what about the saying 'half the battle is knowing when to quit'"?! Is it really quitting? or is it simply changing direction? Are you totally stopping the path you were on? or choosing to focus on something else in your path to get you to your desired goal?
I am becoming a much happier person by choosing to acknowledge and ::gasp:: talk about my "failures" and bumps in the road! While I feared it would cause me to lose the respect and admiration of others - it has done the opposite AND made me realize that the importance of that external admiration is a false ideal.
Kyle and I are both in 100% commission based careers - which can be stressful - or it can be absolutely amazing! I felt as though I had an "off year" (more like past 15 months) but the reality is I made a different choice. I focused on the blessing that is our sweet Luke (after processing through three miscarriages) and the *glorious* pregnancy process.....absolute total sarcasm there.....but he was worth every bit of it!

What are you defining as a failure and keeping behind closed doors?! Why live with that false negativity!! Wake up every morning and do like Dablet does - be HAPPY because you want to be!! It is the entire journey that molds us into who we are - embrace the ride!

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