Friday, March 30, 2012

Learning to relax

I'll admit, I've had moments as a new mom when I find myself literally walking around in circles wondering to myself what I'm looking for. Inevitably when I sit down I remember, and quite often it just isn't worth getting up again to go get whatever it may have been. To every mom out there remember that you still need some privacy (just like you did when you and your man first lived together). Abby's Fairy Godmommy got me a door hanging sign that has a picture of a bathtub and says "Can mommy PLEASE just have ONE minute of privacy". Of course, that sign might lead me to use some more Lush Products in the tub, but today it allowed me to get a massage!
For Valentine's Day LAST year, Mimi (Abby's name for Kyle's mom) got us a couple's massage. After our "experience" with a couple's massage on our honeymoon, Kyle decided he didn't want to go. Sure, I could have been mad, but what it meant is I got to have it all to myself! Just over a year later I finally used it today and had a "Touch of Three" massage. It featured deep tissue (my favorite), aromatherapy, and hot stones. I had never had a hot stone massage before, but I was pleasantly surprised. Big thanks to Mimi!
I've been paying more attention to taking care of myself inside and out. As any good "friend" should do, I'd like to give you some recommendations!
Dabble's Favorite Pamper Products:
Bath products: Twilight Bath Bomb, or if you don't want the shimmer in that one; Sex bomb (yes, I went there...I'm old enough and I have a child....c'mon)
Hair Products: Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint shampoo, this is relaxation in a bottle. It's a moisturizing shampoo with the mint for the scalp tingle feeling I love!
Pedicure: There's a salon by me that has a sugar scrub and a seaweed masque for your legs. The sugar scrub smells like fruity pebbles, and they put the seaweed masque on under HOT towels. It's the most amazing hot to cold sensation and it makes me feel like I'm not really going JUST to sit in the chair...

Dablet has woken up from her "nap...bedtime" schedule confusion so this mama's gotta run. Maybe she wants to share her favorite baby pamper products! I'll ask her!

Until Next Time

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mailbox Magic

After a visit to my mom's new townhouse this morning to meet the inspector (more on that later), and a quick run by the office, I came home to actually get some work done. A couple hours went by and then I heard one of my favorite sounds of the day...the mailman. I cannot explain to you why, but for as long as I can remember I have LOVED getting mail. I get giddy at the thought of something fantastic in my mailbox, and today I was a lucky girl. I found a breaking point in my financial review and scooted out to find this lovely specimen inside:

This 282 page Outdoor Sourcebook from Restoration Hardware is the "baby sister" to the prized possestion of the 655 page Spring 2012 main book. Coming it at 3/4" thick I can only imagine the close look Kyle would give this book to see the production process behind it. Me, I am drooling over the things on the inside. I think it's an accurate statement to steal from the Sex and the City 2 movie "I've been cheating on fashion with furniture" because I never knew that accent chairs, lighting, and headboards could get me so flustered!
I've only had a chance to flip through it quickly, but I am seeing a lot of natural wood, linen, and the traditionally loved rope and metal work that evokes classic tones to the type of furniture I dream about being able to afford....
I suppose with that said I should get back to working on my retail platform so I can put some $$ in my "Furniture Fund"!

Until Next Time

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why even blog? She's why...

If you've been following me in any way, shape, or form, you'll notice one thing first and foremost: I am a mother, mom, mommy, mama, parent, and due to that I am slightly all over the place. At least, I'd like to say that it's because I'm a mom that I'm all over the place. Honestly, I wish that I had "new mommy brain" years ago to blame thing on. So why do I put all of my anecdotes on "paper" and give whomever is following me some inspiration on style both personal and home oriented? Because I have a fabulous fashion consultant who guides me every moment of every day. Would you like to meet her? While my little "Dablet" is in bed, I think I might be able to do a pretty good introduction.
Abigail Rose graced us with her presence (finally) on September 14th. Now, I say finally not because I was late in delivering (she was 5 days early), but because I was in "early labor" for almost two weeks. I had NEVER heard of early labor, but apparently my version consisted of contractions every 2-10 minutes in increasing intensity for TEN DAYS!!!! Holy $&#)*%. They predicted her to be over 9 pounds, which was better than I expected (Kyle was 10lb 14 oz and I was 9lb 6oz...yes I really said 10) and I gracefully accepted a scheduled c-section. Of course, this little girl decided she needed to have an active say in the matter and my water broke in the shower the morning of my scheduled c-section. Rather than getting to go to the hospital "like a lady" I was leaking everywhere and Kyle and I could not stop laughing!
This is the fabulous style advisor she has turned into:
At 6 and a half months old now my little diva is the happiest child in the world! She has her moments, but even in total screaming painful moments she can find it in herself to flash you a smile. My New Year's Resolution of perseverance comes from her unwavering faith in us as parents.
Let's be honest....we've never been parents before so we didn't know what we were doing (really). I found out in recovery that Kyle had never held a newborn before Abby was born...not sure how that didn't come up. Dabs (one of her MANY other nicknames) has gently broken us into the idea and is putting us through a fantastic parental training program. For a child who started sleeping through the night at 2 months old, we might even decide to give it another go. We've already decided to extend her contract for another 6 months...she agreed to our terms! I will mention that our pediatrician told me not to mention her sleeping habits too loudly because I might have mothers commissioning hits on me, so I won't tell you where I live. If you already know where I live, I'll allow you to verbally abuse me for a bit because she's more than worth it!

This little girl gives me all the drive in the world to be a better person, mother, writer, and to provide her with the environment to grow up and be as creative as she can be. You might be seeing posts in a year or so about design ideas that SCREAM "mismatched", but if she's into am I!
Here's a special nod to all of the working moms out there, and that includes the ones who stay at home with their little ones every day. YOU are WORKING moms too! Let's put our heads together and have some Chic Mommy Moments

Until Next Time

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Making home workable

Anyone who has ever worked from home knows that you have to have a space that is both inspirational and workable. Sometimes a desk is not enough. Paint adds dimension and character, and organization is key. However, if you asked anyone who has ever worked with me they would tell you it might take a search and rescue team to find something in my office. Let's just say that I have always had my own type of office organization, yet I love how I feel when I get my space "publicly organized".
Given that I will be working from home exclusively for a while in the not so distant future with our corporate shift, I decided to dedicate a blog to office inspiration and organization. I immediately went to pottery barn (virtually of course) to look at desks....and it kind of spiraled from there. Here are some of my favorites:
This appropriately named Printer's Suite (above) offers up SO much in the realm of organization with all of the drawers. I'm not sure I would know what to make out of all of this possibility but the desk itself makes me inspired to try and find out!

This Bedford "build your own" desk allows you to be creative even in the process. Personally I LOVE the industrial handles, but even more so the inspirational boards on the walls. I always have bulletin boards with photos, cards, paint swatches, and anything else that I am drawn to. Sometimes when you see something it draws you without a direct significance, and then *BAM* you find the perfect use for that piece of inspiration.

This above fabric from Serena and Lily is one of my favorites. It is shown in a mocha, but also comes in a sky blue and a grass green. I have been eyeing it for Abby's nursery, but think it would be a great accent for a home office as well...Chair, curtain, pillow....

Just so we can better look at ourselves being creative, Serena and Lily gave us the Bungalow Mirror. I am personally obsessed with turquoise this year, and I always love natural-esq items. Of course I might need to get a little more work done before I can add this piece to my office collection, but that's what inspiration is for...Right??

I must take my inspiration to cleaning out my home office now and getting it ready to be the home to so many fun and exciting projects!

Until Next Time

Monday, March 26, 2012

Oh's Monday...

I think I am going to adopt a new practice for Mondays. I need a "fun" way of saying a pro and con list...but essentially that's what it will be. Normally coming out of the weekend you're happy about something, and of course upset that you're coming out of the weekend. I think that if you can find just ONE thing to make you happy about your Monday then we can avoid the phrase "Someone has a case of the Mondays". Today my something to be happy about is that Monday is OVER and I have a fabulous glass of wine in my hand.
My New Year's resolution was perseverance, and here we are at the end of Quarter one and I feel like I'm on the stairsteppper of perseverance more than ever before. I just keep climbing and climbing and everyone at the gym moves on to another machine while I just keep on stepping.
I wish this virtual life gym of mine would automatically lead to toned legs, abs, and a nice ass to boot (hah!), but right now I am less worried about how my dedication could make my body look (because let's face it, I'm not hitting the gym on a regular basis), and I'm more concerned with how my Monday experiences can be turned into life lessons to pass onto my daughter.
Every day I see more free will open up from her and while she is proving to be a VERY decisive child it is mixed with sweet moments of reaching for me to pick her up, and throwing herself backwards while chucking her Nuk across the floor. She is after all my daughter, strong willed. I hope she grows up to be a person who isn't afraid of telling you exactly what she wants. If you fear honesty, who can you look to if you don't end up with what you want? At least if you voice your desires you have a chance of them coming to you; if you stay silent, you have no one to blame but yourself.

OK, so this post is a tad "deep" and not so much "fun Chic Moment Mommy"....but this Chic Mommy needed to have a moment.
Moment over, moving to Mexican food....wish the wine was a margarita. THEN it'd be a great Monday Moment!! Maybe that's the answer...Monday Moments....hmmmm

Until Next Time


Friday, March 9, 2012

Let's talk baby

I don't mean, "Baby, let's talk", but seriously "let's talk about babies". Before someone in my family (or Kyle) sees this and thinks "Holy $#*% she's pregnant", I assure you I'm not. However, I am utterly IN LOVE with my little diva! Recently I have been satisfying my inner design demons by virtually flipping through inspirational books of home decor photos. Everything I think about doing to our house right now orbits around Abby.
 She's going to be 6 months old next week (minor mommy freak out moment), and we have ordered a dozen cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes (featured on TLCs DC Cupcakes), AND I just found out that they are going to open a store in Boston!!!!!! Unfortunately, I no longer live there, but my mom does, and I can assure you it will be added to my list of "must visit" places as soon as I get off a plane. Of course, Abby won't be able to actually eat the cupcakes, (her pediatrician would probably verbally abuse me), but she can play with the frosting!
Anyway, I recently did a post about her playroom, or the idea of her playroom. What I have recently come to decide is that our second floor NEEDS HARDWOOD floors!!!! Carpet is great, but with 3 dogs, 4 cats, and a soon to be crawling still drooling child....they have got to go.
Personally I'm loving how this new (potential) home improvement also means I get to pick out area rugs...but I'm getting ahead of myself. The BIG change next week will be Abby moving to her big girl room. It's funny that I still call it a nursery at the same time, but she has been sleeping in our room since she was born. Before I get chastised by the people against room-sharing, she goes to bed by herself, sleeps through the night, and does just fine thank you very much. It has been SO much easier because our master is on the first floor. Also, I'll add that it's been MUCH CHEAPER because we only have to worry about climate control on one floor!
Since my darling diva will be upgrading very soon, I feel it's time I finish decorating her modern safari themed room. Here are a few pictures of what we have so far (thanks to Britten Berry Photography from my maternity shoot)
Tree hand painted by yours truly...Giraffe from Melissa & Doug
Crib is from the Catalina collection of Pottery Barn Kids (big thanks to Kyle's mom aka "Mimi")

Changing table is literally the Ultimate Changing Table also from pottery barn (big thanks go to my mom on this one, aka "Grandy")
We also have hot pink framed black and white photos I took on a safari in Africa, but I am dying for a little more "omph". I know, it's a room for an infant, but I want her to be able to explore and discover things in it. I have some ideas up my sleeve, and a strong desire to pull something off this weekend.
I'll post my dreams (and some fun before/after shots of Abby's closet renovation *BIG thanks to Kyle*) later tonight or tomorrow.

Until Next Time....


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Interview attire....

Interviews can be scary enough without worrying about what you are going to wear. In today's technology era, we can often get away with only looking pulled together from the waist up (via Skype), or even interviewing in our PJs if it's over the phone. However, let me make a suggestion....wear something that makes you feel like a million dollars. Why??
If you feel good, you'll be confident. Think about going out to a bar to grab drinks with your girlfriends. (OK, I haven't really done this activity in years...but just play along). You want to wear something that makes you look like the knockout you are, even if you're married or engaged. It makes you take notice of yourself! So if you're going into an interview, or to meet a new potential client (you're still selling yourself there!) do your make-up, pick out a fun pair of shoes, and look your best.
Key points to remember:
Wear something that represents YOU
Shoes - practical, fun, pop of color
Jewelry - If you're meeting with someone who designs it...wear something of theirs if you can find it...even on a clearance rack
Tops - Don't let your "girls" hang out...unless it's that type of job...often something a bit flowy works best
Bottoms - Repeat it with me....If you can't sit down without taking a trip to Grand Canyon National Park...DON'T WEAR IT. Pencil skirt, trousers, even jeans (wide leg or skinny are my favorite) work depending on the rest of your outfit.

This goes for work clothes too....want an example? Even though I'm a CEO and Director of Marketing/Design I personally feel like you can make jeans work on a professional level. Today I'm wearing Joe's skinny jeans (medium wash), black patent Tory Burch flats, Navy blue silk top (gathered neck line with a Grecian zigzag ribbon pattern and silver beaded shoulders).
Jewelry: My Abby necklace, pearl flower stud Stella and Dot earrings, tennis bracelet, and my wedding rings
I'd walk into just about any business meeting without skipping a beat, but this look is my personality.
Sure, I can wear stockings, a skirt, and a "formal" top....but I'll get out of it as soon as I get home.

Fashion is a representation of yourself! Rock it out!!

Until Next Time


Monday, March 5, 2012

Showing the love....

Did you thank someone today? Tell someone you love them?
About 30 minutes ago my phone buzzed with an email saying I had a comment on my blog. REALLY?!?! Someone wanted to leave me some feedback? I had a flash of a moment of "Julie and Julia" thinking, "well, it must me my mom"...nope. I got a thank you from Kendra Scott for "showing her some love" when I posted a pair of her earrings. I think I blushed slightly and was giddy like a 5 year old, then Kyle reminded me Abby was sleeping and I had to kick back into mommy mode....shhhhh....
Sure, my blog has about 1,000 views. Not too shabby for someone without a "following".  What I realized in the moment of awe was that just a simple thank you means the world sometimes when you've had a rough day, and most of all, when you are not expecting to receive it. So, what should I do in return?
How about a feature blog around Kendra Scott's jewelry. If you love what I post here check out her online store!
In the spirit of "statement pieces"m because I have been drooling over things like this to pair with a simple top and cut off shorts....we'll start with a Paley Cuff
I have to add another cuff, because she has SO many that I am dying over. I could absolutely build an outfit around some of these pieces. Fashion has moments when it's not about turning heads from across the street, but when you reach up to tuck your hair back and "BAM"...there's the Lande Cuff
Ok, so to all of my friends and family who are thinking "Who is blogging in place of Kate...she doesn't like yellow gold", I have to admit that with pieces like these and against the bright corals, (and you should SEE the teal version of this!) and a tan....I'm starting to accept yellow gold into my family!

When it comes to necklaces, I'm usually wearing a piece Kyle bought me when Abby was born that is an engraved "birth certificate" with her "specs" on I'm a hard sell on pieces to replace it, but this is classic. Also, it's the logo for Kendra Scott, so it will stand the test of time of her brand
Not to leave the upper atmosphere of ourselves "unattended" let's jump to earrings. If you are the type of person that likes statement pieces - you'll trip over your feet running to her site...if you like vintage - you'll feel right at home in your own era. You've seen my pick of long, so let's look at the Carly Botanical Stud
If you haven't already bookmarked her site, well....hopefully you've at least visited it. And at the very least, you'll notice that all of this free press or word of "mouth" came because she thanked me. Maybe I'm only blogging to a small pool of people, but my people LOVE jewelry! So if you like something, talk about it forward, and the thanks you get will make you feel warm and fuzzy!

That's my Chic Moment for the day, and the idea behind it all is my Chic Mommy Moment, I hope Abby learns the power of saying "thank you"

Until Next Time


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Coral and nude - work in shorts

coral and nude - work in shorts

 I have been trying to find something that I would go to work in that could be comfortable, functional, yet classy enough that it's work appropriate AND I can run to the beach after. So maybe the heels are a bit tall for my 5'10" self, but I would love to rock them anyway. and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage Chanel earrings and Tory clutch, and the high waist shorts....YES please! Any shoe that can include a colored heel (that I can match to jewelry!) is a bonus. This is my clothing chic moment of the day!

 coral and nude - work in shorts by kdsessoms featuring lace tops

Until Next Time


Where do you wake up?

Putting my little bear cub down last night was about a two hour process, THAT hasn't happened in a long time, and it got me to thinking about how much the night before determines how we wake up in the morning. The thing is, Abby was still bright and bubbly this morning talking to herself when she woke up until someone came to get her. She didn't seem to care about her two hour crying and screaming marathon from the night before, but was simply happy to have her bunny and the tags to play with. Why can't my mornings work like that?!?!
It got me to thinking about what we do either the night before, or when we first wake up in the morning. Before getting into bed, and then out of bed when you wake up, I'd bet that you find yourself in the bathroom, and more importantly in the tub or shower. Since we moved into our house I have had a love/hate relationship with our master bathroom. For the LOVE side, we have a HUGE garden tub and a separate shower, lots of cabinet space and an L shaped counter for our sinks so Kyle and I are not on top of each other getting ready. For the HATE side, our shower surround is a blah white marble (as is the tub) and I don't really think the dark cherry cabinets go with the sandy colored tile floor.
I'd be lying if I didn't tell you I want to wake up and jump in a shower like this:
I must give credit for the above to Kohler (of course)....they make your water dreams come true.
I'm still not a HUGE fan of the grey, but would love a look like this:
Personally I'm a sucker for sinks that are bowls on tables. The first time I saw this done outside of a hotel was in my dad's phenomenal condo in Rhode Island. The table was a black granite and the bowl plays off of the fire red/black lacquer look of the oriental themed half bath. Not too shabby for a guy who lives by himself....he had decorating help!
If you don't have a fabulous bathroom to wake up to, you might be better served with some suggestions for how to make using the one you do have more enjoyable. I'll also mention that this will be DRAMATICALLY less costly then a bathroom renovation, and thus why I stick with these products.
Look no further than LUSH Handmade Cosmetics
When I was pregnant I developed a personal relationship with my bath and my FAVORITE product to de-stress, deal with body aches, and attack pregnancy insomnia was the Dreamtime Bath Melt
This little bar of lavender, jasmine,and sandalwood has transformed my blah bathroom into a perpetual Chic Mommy Moment!

Until Next Time and the next room....

Dabble, and a special hello from Dablet (Abby)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dreaming of Summer Fashion

Abby is normally in bed by now, but a combination of teething and a late afternoon car induced nap on the way home from Nordstrom rack is preventing that. So, she's blogging with me. As I anticipated, the change of season has me drooling over bright hues that beg for sun-kissed skin (with plenty of SPF of course Abby would like to remind everyone!) I felt this way when  the jewel tones came out last fall and I could dream of the cool nights snuggled up on the couch with homemade soup.....but that was last season.
Now that I'm in the position to, I'm adding homemade cocktails to the outfits, and trying to find the perfect navy and white striped bathing suit. Last summer I had one, but it was maternity, a one-piece, and  not quite the look I'm going for this year. I rocked a bikini with my 7 month pregnant belly, and will again this summer with my 7 month post-baby belly!
Sticking to  the navy and white, my first early summer find is from Tory Burch (did you really expect something different?)
Simple and classic enough, and then you can add a pair of these Kendra Scott earrings available for purchase here

And back to Tory for the shoes.....Now I'll give you two options. One with a heel, and one without. Either you're 5'10" like me and worry about towering over everyone in heels, or would rather be in a "flip flop" type shoe because, let's face it, they're more comfortable.

Now, it's only fair that I include Abby on this navy and white summer clothing dream fest. After all, she is my guest (albeit up past her bedtime blogger) I LOVE the yellow button accents on this from Nautica
Chic moments for the day....
Time to get this little bear cub to bed!

Until Next Time.....


Designing a Playroom....

When I was pregnant with Abby I was very much into the lime greens and neutral tones, there was something in me that wouldn't let me go SUPER girly. Whatever "that" was, it's TOTALLY gone now and I love having a little diva to remind me of all of the fabulous parts of just being a girl!
Recently, I have been thinking a lot about how we're re-doing our house. I should probably just say "doing our house" because in the (almost) two years we've lived here we have grown more personally than we've grown into the house. The walls are still the off-white color, and there is not much feel to our surroundings. Now that I'm going to have some "change of schedule", and potentially a shift in concentration of subject matter within my schedule (yes I know I'm being vague) can pull itself into the fire of the front burners of my brain.
Here are some chic moments, and chic mommy moments for Abby's playroom...Enjoy!
I have been ALL about vintage/modern (crazy combo I know)
 Dwell Studio Kids rug found at Layla Grayce
This worlds Away Star Light reminds me of how toddlers are everywhere at once!
Changing table/toy trunk...LOVE THIS!!
Abby will be 6 months old in just 11 short days. The time has FLOWN by so quickly, and I await the days to come with excitement and a few tears for the days that have past. She is an absolute joy of a child, and makes me proud to be her mom! I cannot wait to help her explore her creativity and artistic abilities!! (I should probably make sure I have plenty of stain remover handy....)

Until Next Time...and the next room....