Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Why even blog? She's why...

If you've been following me in any way, shape, or form, you'll notice one thing first and foremost: I am a mother, mom, mommy, mama, parent, and due to that I am slightly all over the place. At least, I'd like to say that it's because I'm a mom that I'm all over the place. Honestly, I wish that I had "new mommy brain" years ago to blame thing on. So why do I put all of my anecdotes on "paper" and give whomever is following me some inspiration on style both personal and home oriented? Because I have a fabulous fashion consultant who guides me every moment of every day. Would you like to meet her? While my little "Dablet" is in bed, I think I might be able to do a pretty good introduction.
Abigail Rose graced us with her presence (finally) on September 14th. Now, I say finally not because I was late in delivering (she was 5 days early), but because I was in "early labor" for almost two weeks. I had NEVER heard of early labor, but apparently my version consisted of contractions every 2-10 minutes in increasing intensity for TEN DAYS!!!! Holy $&#)*%. They predicted her to be over 9 pounds, which was better than I expected (Kyle was 10lb 14 oz and I was 9lb 6oz...yes I really said 10) and I gracefully accepted a scheduled c-section. Of course, this little girl decided she needed to have an active say in the matter and my water broke in the shower the morning of my scheduled c-section. Rather than getting to go to the hospital "like a lady" I was leaking everywhere and Kyle and I could not stop laughing!
This is the fabulous style advisor she has turned into:
At 6 and a half months old now my little diva is the happiest child in the world! She has her moments, but even in total screaming painful moments she can find it in herself to flash you a smile. My New Year's Resolution of perseverance comes from her unwavering faith in us as parents.
Let's be honest....we've never been parents before so we didn't know what we were doing (really). I found out in recovery that Kyle had never held a newborn before Abby was born...not sure how that didn't come up. Dabs (one of her MANY other nicknames) has gently broken us into the idea and is putting us through a fantastic parental training program. For a child who started sleeping through the night at 2 months old, we might even decide to give it another go. We've already decided to extend her contract for another 6 months...she agreed to our terms! I will mention that our pediatrician told me not to mention her sleeping habits too loudly because I might have mothers commissioning hits on me, so I won't tell you where I live. If you already know where I live, I'll allow you to verbally abuse me for a bit because she's more than worth it!

This little girl gives me all the drive in the world to be a better person, mother, writer, and to provide her with the environment to grow up and be as creative as she can be. You might be seeing posts in a year or so about design ideas that SCREAM "mismatched", but if she's into am I!
Here's a special nod to all of the working moms out there, and that includes the ones who stay at home with their little ones every day. YOU are WORKING moms too! Let's put our heads together and have some Chic Mommy Moments

Until Next Time

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