Monday, March 5, 2012

Showing the love....

Did you thank someone today? Tell someone you love them?
About 30 minutes ago my phone buzzed with an email saying I had a comment on my blog. REALLY?!?! Someone wanted to leave me some feedback? I had a flash of a moment of "Julie and Julia" thinking, "well, it must me my mom"...nope. I got a thank you from Kendra Scott for "showing her some love" when I posted a pair of her earrings. I think I blushed slightly and was giddy like a 5 year old, then Kyle reminded me Abby was sleeping and I had to kick back into mommy mode....shhhhh....
Sure, my blog has about 1,000 views. Not too shabby for someone without a "following".  What I realized in the moment of awe was that just a simple thank you means the world sometimes when you've had a rough day, and most of all, when you are not expecting to receive it. So, what should I do in return?
How about a feature blog around Kendra Scott's jewelry. If you love what I post here check out her online store!
In the spirit of "statement pieces"m because I have been drooling over things like this to pair with a simple top and cut off shorts....we'll start with a Paley Cuff
I have to add another cuff, because she has SO many that I am dying over. I could absolutely build an outfit around some of these pieces. Fashion has moments when it's not about turning heads from across the street, but when you reach up to tuck your hair back and "BAM"...there's the Lande Cuff
Ok, so to all of my friends and family who are thinking "Who is blogging in place of Kate...she doesn't like yellow gold", I have to admit that with pieces like these and against the bright corals, (and you should SEE the teal version of this!) and a tan....I'm starting to accept yellow gold into my family!

When it comes to necklaces, I'm usually wearing a piece Kyle bought me when Abby was born that is an engraved "birth certificate" with her "specs" on I'm a hard sell on pieces to replace it, but this is classic. Also, it's the logo for Kendra Scott, so it will stand the test of time of her brand
Not to leave the upper atmosphere of ourselves "unattended" let's jump to earrings. If you are the type of person that likes statement pieces - you'll trip over your feet running to her site...if you like vintage - you'll feel right at home in your own era. You've seen my pick of long, so let's look at the Carly Botanical Stud
If you haven't already bookmarked her site, well....hopefully you've at least visited it. And at the very least, you'll notice that all of this free press or word of "mouth" came because she thanked me. Maybe I'm only blogging to a small pool of people, but my people LOVE jewelry! So if you like something, talk about it forward, and the thanks you get will make you feel warm and fuzzy!

That's my Chic Moment for the day, and the idea behind it all is my Chic Mommy Moment, I hope Abby learns the power of saying "thank you"

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