Thursday, October 30, 2014

Multiply & Divide

A couple weeks before Luke was born, I freaked out. Maybe that puts it a bit on the strong side - we can call it hormones and the lovely thing known as stress. Kyle and I grew up only children; him because he is an only child, me because my brother is 23 years older than I am and we never lived together. The idea of having a second child was fabulous, but the concept of siblings, raising them and living as them, was totally foreign.
All of a sudden I was worried - was having another child a good idea? would we be able to handle it? how could we possibly know what we were getting into? would I have any time with Abby? would I have any time for myself? would that even matter anymore?

I have heard from everyone with multiple children "your love multiplies, it does not divide when you have more children" "You'll find a way to make it work and everyone will be fine!"

Fact is - you don't have a clue until you live it - and your version of crazy will never be like anyone else's!
When I heard Luke cry for the first time, I was hooked. Here is what I know as I get things done:
This is life - no make up, the best way in the world to have two hands free

- I have not napped since we came home from the hospital (except for one benadryl induced couch pass out instead of eating dinner when I was sick)
- man on man defense means Kyle spends more time with Dablet and I have Luke on my own at night
- I get spit up on (a lot) and don't worry about changing my clothes until the end of the day
- There is at least one load of laundry each day that's new (doesn't mean it gets done)
- Sickness in a house with a newborn = obsessive decontaminating
- My son will inevitably have pink on him at some point...example the handmade blanket on him in the picture - he doesn't seem to mind too much
- The crock pot is my best friend - I'll tell you why/how soon!

-when you stop holding yourself to impossible standards of "success" the world isn't quite so scary

My mom said to me a couple nights ago "I have no idea what it must be like to have two kids", to which my immediate response was "It's actually easier"
Did I really say that?!?!
Yes - and I meant it. Dablet was an easy baby, Luke is "easier" mostly because I'm not worried about the little things. I know what it will be like to wake up multiple times each night, and know that those snuggle moments nursing at 2 am will fade quickly and I should cherish them. I know my house will be messy and the laundry will pile up, so I set aside 15 minute chunks to "power through" and I feel like wonder woman. I know I can get out of the house with two kids by myself, and that is enough of an accomplishment so I don't need to worry about what my clothes, hair, or face might look like or have on them/it. I will shower when I can, and I will get "me time" when I can.
Fact is - when I became a mom of two I lowered the amount of pressure I put on myself and became a much happier less stressed mom! To be clear, I still have meltdowns, wonder just how much I'm screwing up my kids, question my ability to keep the balance...but I am 100% confident that my kids are loved and I am a good mom.
For a little bonus secret into keeping the sanity - the Crock Pot.  I made at least 15 meals ahead before Luke was born and have replaced a few each week as we use them. Last night we had Southwestern Chicken Chili (and made corn muffins) - this was a definite family favorite so far!

1.5 lbs boneless chicken breast
3 cans petite diced tomatoes (14.5 oz each)
2 cups medium salsa
1 can corn - (I used 2 cups frozen organic corn)
2 cans black beans drained and rinsed
1 pkg ranch seasoning
1 pkg taco seasoning
Top with cheese, sour cream, tortilla strips...or crumbled corn bread!

Cook on Low 4-5 hours, shred chicken return to crock pot, stir, and serve!
*Recipe from Mommy's Fabulous Finds -*

Until Next Time!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Expanding Life

LOTS of life has been going on! Almost a month ago we welcomed a nine pound bundle of joy named Luke!

Dablet is now officially a BIG SISTER!!

I don't know if my joy or hers hit higher on the scale, but capturing this moment was worth everything we went through to get to it! It was a whirlwind of a month! We moved into our new multi-generational living set up the end of August:

thought it deserved a selfie!

Two weeks later Dablet turned THREE!! I cannot believe it! How is she so BIG?!?! And given the move we are VERY excited to properly give her a big girl room and fabulous playroom - details to come soon ;)
A short fifteen days after that Luke was born via a scheduled repeat c-section. He is absolutely perfect! Love truly does multiply with your children, and Dablet is quite the big sister! 

Having both kiddos home in a new house has inspired me to do some things with this blog and the relationships I have been lucky enough to develop over the last several years to bring you all some fabulously fun things! Life is still chaotic, but there is always time in between loads of laundry, meals, and diaper changes to bring chic moments to the craziness! They are more fabulous than ever now because Dablet appreciates chic moments of her own!

Until next time!