Friday, March 30, 2012

Learning to relax

I'll admit, I've had moments as a new mom when I find myself literally walking around in circles wondering to myself what I'm looking for. Inevitably when I sit down I remember, and quite often it just isn't worth getting up again to go get whatever it may have been. To every mom out there remember that you still need some privacy (just like you did when you and your man first lived together). Abby's Fairy Godmommy got me a door hanging sign that has a picture of a bathtub and says "Can mommy PLEASE just have ONE minute of privacy". Of course, that sign might lead me to use some more Lush Products in the tub, but today it allowed me to get a massage!
For Valentine's Day LAST year, Mimi (Abby's name for Kyle's mom) got us a couple's massage. After our "experience" with a couple's massage on our honeymoon, Kyle decided he didn't want to go. Sure, I could have been mad, but what it meant is I got to have it all to myself! Just over a year later I finally used it today and had a "Touch of Three" massage. It featured deep tissue (my favorite), aromatherapy, and hot stones. I had never had a hot stone massage before, but I was pleasantly surprised. Big thanks to Mimi!
I've been paying more attention to taking care of myself inside and out. As any good "friend" should do, I'd like to give you some recommendations!
Dabble's Favorite Pamper Products:
Bath products: Twilight Bath Bomb, or if you don't want the shimmer in that one; Sex bomb (yes, I went there...I'm old enough and I have a child....c'mon)
Hair Products: Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint shampoo, this is relaxation in a bottle. It's a moisturizing shampoo with the mint for the scalp tingle feeling I love!
Pedicure: There's a salon by me that has a sugar scrub and a seaweed masque for your legs. The sugar scrub smells like fruity pebbles, and they put the seaweed masque on under HOT towels. It's the most amazing hot to cold sensation and it makes me feel like I'm not really going JUST to sit in the chair...

Dablet has woken up from her "nap...bedtime" schedule confusion so this mama's gotta run. Maybe she wants to share her favorite baby pamper products! I'll ask her!

Until Next Time

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