Saturday, March 3, 2012

Designing a Playroom....

When I was pregnant with Abby I was very much into the lime greens and neutral tones, there was something in me that wouldn't let me go SUPER girly. Whatever "that" was, it's TOTALLY gone now and I love having a little diva to remind me of all of the fabulous parts of just being a girl!
Recently, I have been thinking a lot about how we're re-doing our house. I should probably just say "doing our house" because in the (almost) two years we've lived here we have grown more personally than we've grown into the house. The walls are still the off-white color, and there is not much feel to our surroundings. Now that I'm going to have some "change of schedule", and potentially a shift in concentration of subject matter within my schedule (yes I know I'm being vague) can pull itself into the fire of the front burners of my brain.
Here are some chic moments, and chic mommy moments for Abby's playroom...Enjoy!
I have been ALL about vintage/modern (crazy combo I know)
 Dwell Studio Kids rug found at Layla Grayce
This worlds Away Star Light reminds me of how toddlers are everywhere at once!
Changing table/toy trunk...LOVE THIS!!
Abby will be 6 months old in just 11 short days. The time has FLOWN by so quickly, and I await the days to come with excitement and a few tears for the days that have past. She is an absolute joy of a child, and makes me proud to be her mom! I cannot wait to help her explore her creativity and artistic abilities!! (I should probably make sure I have plenty of stain remover handy....)

Until Next Time...and the next room....


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