Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Interview attire....

Interviews can be scary enough without worrying about what you are going to wear. In today's technology era, we can often get away with only looking pulled together from the waist up (via Skype), or even interviewing in our PJs if it's over the phone. However, let me make a suggestion....wear something that makes you feel like a million dollars. Why??
If you feel good, you'll be confident. Think about going out to a bar to grab drinks with your girlfriends. (OK, I haven't really done this activity in years...but just play along). You want to wear something that makes you look like the knockout you are, even if you're married or engaged. It makes you take notice of yourself! So if you're going into an interview, or to meet a new potential client (you're still selling yourself there!) do your make-up, pick out a fun pair of shoes, and look your best.
Key points to remember:
Wear something that represents YOU
Shoes - practical, fun, pop of color
Jewelry - If you're meeting with someone who designs it...wear something of theirs if you can find it...even on a clearance rack
Tops - Don't let your "girls" hang out...unless it's that type of job...often something a bit flowy works best
Bottoms - Repeat it with me....If you can't sit down without taking a trip to Grand Canyon National Park...DON'T WEAR IT. Pencil skirt, trousers, even jeans (wide leg or skinny are my favorite) work depending on the rest of your outfit.

This goes for work clothes too....want an example? Even though I'm a CEO and Director of Marketing/Design I personally feel like you can make jeans work on a professional level. Today I'm wearing Joe's skinny jeans (medium wash), black patent Tory Burch flats, Navy blue silk top (gathered neck line with a Grecian zigzag ribbon pattern and silver beaded shoulders).
Jewelry: My Abby necklace, pearl flower stud Stella and Dot earrings, tennis bracelet, and my wedding rings
I'd walk into just about any business meeting without skipping a beat, but this look is my personality.
Sure, I can wear stockings, a skirt, and a "formal" top....but I'll get out of it as soon as I get home.

Fashion is a representation of yourself! Rock it out!!

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