Monday, June 15, 2015

I Choose Fabulous

Happy Summer!!!
I can't believe it's already the middle of JUNE!! Luke is almost 9 months old - Dablet is in pre-school 5 days a week now and loving it! We're in the process of giving Dablet a Kate Spade style "big girl room" and I decided after two kids and purging most of my closet I needed a bit of fun in my life as well! To make everything just a bit more fabulous, I finally jumped in and decided to give Stitch Fix a try!! I held out for a while because it felt a bit indulgent to me - having someone "style me" - but the reality is while I LOVE to shop, I don't really have the time! Also, I found myself buying the same t-shirts and yoga pants! While much of my life is like that, business has taken me to a new level of needing more chic moments in my life that still fit my "on the go mom of two" while allowing me to try things on at home! Enter Stitch Fix!
For a $20 styling fee (that gets applied to anything you decide to keep!) you get 5 items sent to your door on a frequency and budget you choose, and if you keep all five items - you get a 25% discount!! - SCORE!! 
(spoiler alert....I think the first one is a 5/5!!!)

They even take the guess work out and send you a style card with outfit suggestions!!

I specifically requested a pair of boyfriend jeans (which I couldn't take off the entire time I was taking pictures!!) and fun funky tops for Summer! My stylist Kelli did an amazing job!! 
Mavi Ruxin (aka Emma) Boyfriend Jean - $118
Verdict: KEEP - need to exchange sizes!
These are SO soft, more of a high waist which is nice for my 2 kids post c-section tummy
and not too much distressing!!

Daniel Rainn Haight Crochet Detail Top - $68
Verdict - KEEP
This has great shoulder detail and is very light (and sheer) It has a built in stretchy
navy cami that is nice and LONG!!

Pixley Gonzalaz Double Strap Tank - $44
Verdict - KEEP
I LOVE how this shows the shoulders!! I work hard for those holding Luke (all 25lbs of him!)
and it's a nice high/low front to back without being too short!
My 5'10" body can hold hands above head and not show belly - essential for on the go w/ kids

41Hawthorn Montreal Arrow Printed Henley Blouse - $48
Verdict - KEEP
While this isn't exactly Summer - It's great if I'm in A/C and will be an essential piece for Fall
Plus...I love black and white! <3

Moon Collection Larson Pleat Detail Blouse - $48
Verdict - Strategic KEEP
I'm still not 100% sure about this one, but I save more than twice what this top costs if I keep it!
It's sheer and flowy, which I love, but I'm not sure of the print 
Might like it better with white skinny jeans!

What do you think?! I'm excited to go back and give feedback and leave some special requests for my next fix! If you click on STITCH FIX (here or anywhere above) and decide to give your own fix a try, I'll receive a $25 styling credit! It's a nice way for the company to pay the love forward - and I loved that my friend who referred me got a credit too! 

Moral of the story - this mama is THRILLED to have taken a moment to treat herself!! I get the time back and hassle removed of shopping with the kids! Let's be honest...I'd rather do a painting project with Dablet than hit the shops at the end of the day!! 

Sneak Peek:
Coming up on the Blog - we've been married for 5 years!!! And our favorite photographer Matt McGraw joined us on Bald Head Island to capture our little family 5 years after our wedding!! 

Until next time....

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