Monday, October 15, 2012

OlioLove at High Point Market

Today was quite the day! I explored the IHFC (International Home Furnishing Center, home to hundreds of brands during High Point Market! Overwhelming is the easiest one word summary; it is very easy to understand why Market is a week long! Aside from the seminars, panels, and parties, there are so many different styles to see. After spending most of my time at the IHFC drooling over lighting, rugs, and pillows I headed off to one of the events in the Design Viewpoints Series - Presented by Houzz this shared with us information surveyed from over 30,000 respondents what projects are most important to them, why they take on home improvement projects, and showcased Houzz as another community tool for design professionals and homeowners to use for inspiration and connecting. (More on Houzz later!)
What I really want to share with you is my trip to the CR Laine showroom and the party they hosted to celebrate the finalists for the 9th Style Spotter contest High Point Market paired with Olioboard on. It was the perfect opportunity for me to finally meet in real life so many of the wonderful women I have come to know though Olioboard, twitter, and the OlioHops. In this group, you are greeted with hugs versus handshakes even when you don't quite recognize someone from photos... (sorry Sheilah!) The collaborative effort to show design and style in an accessible medium through Olioboard is a growing trend in the design community. Our local news station even had a segment about the Style Spotters and the importance and influence of social media on TV tonight! I may be the "new kid on the block" but the Olioboard community continues to provide enthusiastic support for a budding designer. I should note that what I really wanted to write instead of designer was woman. It is incredibly inspiring to see to many independent and talented women in the same room celebrating their shared passions versus clawing over each other to get to the top! I  love collaborating with each and every one of them!
CR Laine promotes themselves as "Style Comfort Color" and they absolutely delivered! Holly was a fabulous host, and if you are local you should make the trip to Hickory to visit their permanent showroom! The theme for this Market was "50 Shades of Green", and they showed green in many fabulous ways:
Something else that is showcased perfectly by CR Laine is the ability to use the same fabric many different ways, even in the same room:

These chairs were one of my favorites! I loved the fabric backs, but the best part is that Benjamin Moore partners with CR Laine to create custom colors to match the fabrics! That's why that coral/orange looks SO perfect against it! I'm telling you....collaboration is key!

This piece I wanted to carry home with me! I'm deeming it a hybrid of a chair and a half and a chaise...It's as wide as a chair and a half, but longer (even without the ottoman)...just not as long as a chaise. No matter what you (or they) want to call it, it's the ideal snuggle chair and it's something even Kyle could get excited about having in the house!
You'll notice the rug and the "rug pillows" on the right side of the picture. I was told that the rugs are purchased from Turkey where they are handmade (each and every one is unique) by girls for their dowry  CR Laine sends buyers over and they bring the rugs back and turn them into one of a kind pieces of furniture so you can find the perfect one for your home!

When I first saw them, they reminded me of Western saddle blankets! It was perfect actually because the first one I saw was in an equestrian themed room within their showroom! You can use them as an accent, splash of color, and a very cool functional conversation piece! 
My first trip to High Point Market was a resounding success! It was hands down worth the excessive flying back and forth from Arizona (even though I live locally to the market!) so I could get everything done in one week. I am honored to have made such fabulous connections through social media! 

**Please Note that all photos were taken by Dabble in Chic, but all styling and designs were done by CR Laine, thus the "Dabble in Chic - CR Laine High Point Market Showroom" watermark!
 Fabulous job Holly and your team!**

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