Friday, October 5, 2012

Dablet Turns One!

Dablet celebrated her first birthday several times, and each one of her celebrations brought a little something different! On her actual birthday we started the day with a trip to Dunkin Donuts and a celebratory munchkin, and then took her to the Rose Garden in Raleigh; fitting because her middle name is Rose. We showed her all of the different colors, shapes, sizes, and smells of the roses; all in all determining that the pale purple ones smelled the sweetest!

I am constantly amazed by the colors and patterns in flowers! I am working on photo editing for a line of prints from the Rose Garden in my Etsy shop!

She followed up her adventures with an impromptu spaghetti dinner and cupcake mashing extravaganza with our close family (mommy, daddy, Grandy, Mimi, Nana, and the godfathers...yes she has two!)

Let's just say that the cupcake was a hit!

Her actual party (not that this one didn't count, but we did have another one planned!) was a week later, and the tone for the event was made possible with a fabulous illustration by Ashley Brooke Designs that I incorporated into the invitation that I made for her. 
The invite itself was square printed on matte card stock and mailed in "brown paper bag" envelopes finished off with this fabulous stamp creation:
Rather than going with a character theme, we used "Cubbie" the teddy bear Kyle made for her at Build-a-Bear the day she was born. I thought it was fitting because they have the same "birthday"! We (OK, I) also used a lot of purple! I may have gone a bit overboard on the tulle, balloons, and other things, but soon enough Dablet will be telling me what I "can and can't do", so I wanted to take advantage of this first party!
6" Round cake was made of red velvet!

We decided to top her cake with her Strawberry "smash cupcake" and a look-a-like "Cubbie"

We had her cake and cupcakes made by The Cupcake Shoppe in Raleigh, NC. They made phenomenal cupcakes for my baby shower, my mother-in-law brought me one of their "You Mocha Me Crazy" cupcakes the day Dablet was born, and I thought it fitting that we keep them as part of tradition!

I also need to extend a BIG thank you to Whimsy Pie for creating this fabulous tutu! I was so happy with the quality, fit, and the fact that she kept it on her entire party until we tossed her in the bounce house! 

I have more photos of the "details", but I'll save those for another post about party details in general! We had a fabulous series of birthday celebrations, and I can't believe our little girl is already one! Cherish each and every moment with your family!

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