Wednesday, October 10, 2012

There's an App for Life

It's funny how much technology has changed even in the last few years, and how productive (and distracted) it can make us. For example, as I'm writing this I'm sitting on a plane flying from NC to AZ connected to the airplane's wifi! I feel like it wasn't too long ago when I would get yelled at to get off of the phone line hooked up to my AOL 2.0 dial up....
Technology is fabulous for working on the go. You can blog, tweet, Facebook (the fact that "Facebook" is a verb is proof of this concept in itself), email (people still do that?!), or I suppose you could even FaceTime. Maybe I should do that now with Dablet too!!! On a different side, most vendors, swatch books, paint tools, room sketchers, and all of the other facets of this type of business can be housed within my handy dandy iPad. While I could take this time to read a book, gossip magazine, or do something just for seems that now is the time where I'm actually inspired to write about something! It figures because this is the only time I've had where there wasn't something else pulling me away!
This is a new type of venture for me though. You've read about "have baby will travel" previously, but this is the first time I have traveled anywhere without Dablet since she's been born. Kyle is back in NC holding down the fort, or rather Dablet is holding him hostage! It's a change for me as a working and stay at home mom....I'm not entirely sure what to do with the freedom, but I'm sure I'll be productive (even through inevitable "I miss you" tears). I'll be busy focusing on two other babies and another mommy as I get crafty for my cousin's baby shower (in AZ). It will be twice the extravaganza because she is expecting twins! I cannot wait to share pictures!
I am also incredibly excited for High Point Market coming up in just a few days! While my time in attendance will be shorter than I had first predicted, that's how life goes! Thanks to technology, I'll be able to make the most of it! In hoping to meet several of my "friends" from Twitter and Olioboard while there as well! This season is proving to be a chaotic time for Dabble as a brand (and me as a person) but it is also full of growth and now possibilities! Lucky for me, I can multitask! And yes, there is an app for that!!
Leave me a message if you'll be at High Point Market; I'd love to at least say "hi!" in person!

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