Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Weather Wonders

I wanted to take a minute to share something truly amazing with everyone today. I had to make last minute run out to Target for some final touches for Dablet's Halloween experience earlier this morning, and on my way home I was stunned by what I saw in the sky. I immediately called Kyle, who was off working somewhere about 30-40 minutes away from me, but he could see it too. I had never seen anything quite like it, and I can only assume that this weather phenomenon must have something to do with Hurricane Sandy...

There was a rainbow circling the looked as if it was keeping the haze away from the crystal clear bright light we finally had again today. The picture truly does not do this justice, but I promise it's real and I snapped this from my car. The rainbow went almost all the way around the sun! I had never seen an "upside down rainbow" before, and I had never seen one that acted as a weather barrier. Shortly after I got home, the clouds had moved in again and the rainbow was gone. This bright moment had been replaced by the cold dreary haze that most of the East Coast is still feeling. We were lucky with Sandy, but I know so many who were not. I thought this might bring a little joy into everyone's day. I'm hunting an explanation for this marvel, and when I find it I'll be sure to share!

Here is a second photo that Kyle took while he was out at the same time! It does a much better job of showing the full circle! 

Also, Lee Ringer, from News 14 Carolina, was nice enough to respond to my request for an explanation! So what is it?! It's a "sun halo" created by sunlight shining through tiny ice crystals very high in the atmosphere. Sounds like a giant prism effect I remember learning about in elementary school! You might see one of these photos as a weather shot of the day on the news one day soon!

Happy Halloween!!

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