Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine's Day...Get Ready!!

Happy Monday everyone!! Today is a perfect type of Mommy Monday!! It's somewhat nasty weather outside, I made my morning run to Starbucks and shared some fabulous Mary Kay goodie bags with the ladies there (they LOVED them!), and I have blocked off some special snuggle time with Dablet before she naps. I'm pretty sure I couldn't be doing this in any other "normal" job!
I wanted to start the week off with a giveaway! Ladies, (and gentlemen!) let's change the mold for Valentine's Day! Sure, we all love getting flowers and chocolate...but eventually the flowers will wilt, and at some point we might be worried that the chocolate will end up on our hips! Can we self indulge for a little bit?! Can we ask for something lasting like the love we are celebrating?! Mary Kay has put together some fabulous gift sets to make life easy for Valentine's Day and I want to treat my fabulous followers to one of them! YOUR CHOICE!!

The Choices:
Luscious Lips: Four steps to kissable lips. Includes the Satin Lips set, Mary Kay’s new Lipstick, and a moisturizing Lip Gloss
Sexy Body: (Available in 4 scents!) Three-piece Spa Set leaves a soft lingering scent & smooth skin. Includes Shower Gel, Sugar Scrub, Body Lotion, loofah
Dance to Life perfume: Mary Kay's special edition fragrance with notes of jasmine, magnolia, vanilla, and warm amber
Sensational Hands & More: Mary Kay's Peach or Unscented Satin Hands Set, Mint Bliss Foot & Leg Lotion, and a Nail Polish
**Each Set includes gift wrapping, Mary Kay Best Selling products, a chocolate treat (because who REALLY wants to totally give up the chocolate?!) and a 100% satisfaction guarantee!**

How to Enter:
Leave me a comment with your choice of gift basket and tell me if it's for you, your sweetie, or a gift for someone you want to Share the Love with! It's THAT simple!! Please include a contact email so I can be sure to notify you if you win! Also, let me know if you currently have a Beauty Consultant with Mary Kay!
What's better is that EVERY person who enters will be a winner in some way! I have lots of goodies to give away this Valentine's Day because I am on a mission to SHARE the LOVE with everyone!!

Want to shop for your Valentine's Gifts?! Email me and I will be happy to play your personal cupid! Or you can shop on my website!

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