Thursday, March 14, 2013

18 Month Whirlwind!

Hey Everyone!
I know I've been back and forth for a while on here, and please forgive my absence! Things have been Crazy (good)!! Today is Dablet's 18 month "birthday"! If someone told me 18 months ago as I settled in for our first night as a family of three that I would be in the position I'm in right now, I would have laughed! Don't you feel like we say that A LOT?! "If someone had told me then...." What I have realized is my idea of myself is ever changing. I am a constant work in progress and I LOVE IT!!

This is life now! Daily doses of perfect wrapped up in chaos!

I thought when I had my little girl that I would go back to work and she would go to daycare. I NEVER thought I would want to be a stay at home mom! It scared me to think that my identity would be based around another person, and to lose a certain amount of freedom; not to mention...where would the money come from?! I have been empowered by my Mary Kay business! I was lead to it for a reason greater than myself, or my family, and it has done things for us I never thought possible! I get to work, and I get to work from home! I get to work in chunks of time in between nap time, trips to the park, the grocery store, and snuggle sessions with my little girl! 
So why does all of this matter?! Because I know there are SO many other women out there afraid of losing individuality when they become mothers. Afraid of trusting their children to other people. Afraid of how they will make the ends meet each month in their bank accounts to make sure that those little sparkles we created have the best that life can offer! Life can be absolutely scary sometimes, but it gets a lot less scary when you hold out your hand and ask for help. When you take hold of an opportunity. When you empower yourself to MAKE A DIFFERENCE! That pebble drop in the pool causes ripples far beyond what you will be able to see, and you become an inspiring example for other women to do the same!
So, Cheers to 18 months of chaos and redefinition! I hope the next 18 are just as fabulous!!

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