Thursday, April 19, 2012

Step One...

It used to be that "Step One" was admitting the problem, but now step one is referring to the next step. Facebook.
This "day in age", the step businesses take, or any product, service, person, or book takes is to become "Facebook Official". While I am still working on the book Perfecting the life of a Working Mom: Lack of Perfection Kick Ass Shoes (or something like that), it is time to bring the latest endeavor to Facebook. Dabble in Chic now has a Facebook page. This is for the blog, yes, but it's so much more than that. This is my new business, and it's so much more than a blog. Printing Chic is the branch that relates directly to the industry I just came out of. While the website and Etsy store are under construction, they will soon offer custom designs for anything paper related, as well as ready to go designs that you can make your own changes to.
Since I got into the world of paper, I have become slightly obsessed with just how much detail you can give to any event with the paper products you associate with it. The theme of a wedding starts with the invitations! And I truly love the connection I can build with brides when we talk about how to literally "put their vision on paper"
Here is an invitation we did a while ago (I have changed the names):

The beauty of this is that you can print it on any color paper, changing the purple background, print on any texture, or (my favorite) print on a champagne metallic stock giving the leaves just a bit of shimmery movement. Here's a sneak peek at the RSVP postcard to a set in the works now. Of course, I'm not going to show the full invite yet, but it's AMAZING!!

The couple's initials can be "carved" into the tree on both the invitation and the RSVP cards, and as always all fonts can be changed! Check us out on Facebook to see it!

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