Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outdoor Cooking

With the weather getting nicer by the minute, I am getting VERY excited for outdoor cooking. For me this means a grill on the deck and some fun drinks made inside. With Kyle in culinary school my daydreaming went to how the outdoor cooking experience could be made glamorous. Sure, there will be splattered bar-b-que sauce and dishes to clean up after. It's not like things like that disappear when you have a luxurious space to cook in. Just like people who have amazingly designed nurseries still have to change stinky diapers...sometimes even exploded ones on their silk crib sheets. **shaking head**
What kind of inspiration would I be if I didn't share some of my findings with you?
All stainless steel kitchen, configuration can range from $3,000 to $30,000 (yikes!) found at The Outdoor Kitchen
This next one is SO me! I love the bamboo wood accents, and it's less built-in more placed in the environment you already have. This makes it more feasible for those of us living with pesky HOAs!

There are few things in life that can make a fabulous outdoor kitchen even better, but the views are one of them. Personally, I am an ocean girl. However, there are some situations when mountains can take my breath away just as much. This is one of them!

This photo was found in a blog post talking about things to consider when planning an outdoor cooking space and what your real needs are. Clearly the family that has this kitchen had the space and the views to get everything in kitchen sink included!
I LOVE the hardwood floors and the lattice above the grills especially!

Dablet is awake from her nap, and while I will not be pursuing any of the above projects anytime soon (we haven't won the lottery YET!), I am very much looking forward to outdoor cooking!

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