Thursday, April 26, 2012

Passion in the details

I've been working on building social media connections for Dabble in Chic, and though the work I've been introduced to some fabulous brands, bloggers, and "women in charge". It makes a certain amount of sense that the design and planning world is saturated with amazing creative independent women who are living out their designing dreams through their (often times self-made) dream jobs!
Yesterday I talked about one way to satisfy the design ADD that plagues so many of us, and today I'd like to give you another that "tags along" with you! JEWELRY!!!! When Tiffany & Co. isn't in the budget, or maybe some David Yurman, it's nice to have some great stores to go to to give you some big bang for your buck!
Last year when I was pregnant I purchased a few simple pieces from Stella & Dot. I went simple because I had a massive bump, read watermelon, under my shirt and I didn't feel like carrying any extra weight. My center of gravity was already thrown off enough, you should have seen me trying to bowl at 32 weeks pregnant, I didn't want any excess sending me into early labor!
This summer, I'm all about some statement pieces! If you want to check out all of my Jewelry dreams check out the board on Pinterest. If you just can't stand it, check out these goodies from Bauble Bar and if you'd like $10 off your first purchase click the link on our Facebook page!

Enjoy these delightful inspirations! Grandy (Abby's name for my mom) is in town this weekend and is closing on a townhouse she bought in the area. I'm sure I'll be full of new decorating tips, cooking ideas, and family fun! If I don't come back before the weekend, enjoy your Friday Frolicking!


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