Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And we're walking...

Well, we're not actually walking, but Kyle and I went to Babies R Us today and bought a walker for Abby. She is standing up more and more every day, not so much on her own but with a little balancing help. Earlier tonight we were all sitting up in her bedroom playing and reading books, and I looked at our little girl and had a flash back to when she couldn't even hold her own head up that well. Now we have a sitting child who is trying SO hard to move herself places seeking independence. I'm not sure if I should relish it or be slightly fearful that we may in fact be dealing with a mini independent me.
Somehow when I started this post it made sense to me to talk about my darling daughter's new independence and doing our taxes, and yet now I cannot for the life of me find the connection. Every time I have ever filed my taxes, since I was filing for myself, I find it a personal challenge to find every LEGAL way to get money back from the IRS. One of my cousins works for the IRS and for some reason that has always frightened me. I have heard so many stories of people "cheating" the IRS, or some other governmental institution and it all continues to scare me. How is the temporary "reward" worth the massive amount of chance you are taking.
Obviously that mentality isn't something you are born with. If you are going to try and work the system, or respect it, that decision came from somewhere. Here's my attempt at a "connection" between taxes and my daughter. Children are full of exploratory instincts. Everything goes in their mouth, they drop things in succession learning how their actions affect outcomes. If you try and stifle the child climbing on the couch because you think they might fall, they might NEVER really learn that they can fall. OK, so that might be a bit of a reach because you'd hope that they'd listen to their parents about right and wrong. My family was always of the idea to lead my example and learn for yourself. Sure, I made mistakes but I really learned what end results were worth, and that the end doesn't always justify the means.
Sure, Abby will bump into things and have her face slimed my several dogs, but she is going to learn the meaning of freedom in travel. Ah Ha! See?!?! I think several of my English professors would be proud (and maybe judge me for the somewhat shaky connection), but I managed a connection!
No matter how independent Abby may become, I will always be her mom. There will always be something I can teach her. There will always be an experience I've had that she hasn't, and probably the other way around as well. At the end of it all, we will be walking together. We will be each other's support system. We will be a family, and we will be together until the end and beyond.
That may not be so Chic, but that's my mommy moment for the day!
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