Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Moments

This weekend was great, although full of some stressful parenting moments. We took Abby over to Southpoint to wander around and meet our Nanny and her man for dinner. I was slightly "distracted" when we were getting ready to leave, and I grabbed a bottle of juice and dinner for Abby, but no milk bottle. We have been supplementing with a little bit of formula in her bottles because my supply isn't keeping up as much as I'd like it to. However, in this pinch, Kyle ran out to Target and got some "ready to serve" formula and we gave it to Dablet at the restaurant. Well fast forward to about 10pm, we're home, she's sound asleep in bed, and Kyle is on his way out to watch an MMA fight...I was looking at this foreign formula substance (we only use powdered when we use it), and I about lost my mind. The expiration date was APRIL 1ST 2012....THREE WEEKS AGO!!
Mama bear came out, and Kyle went to Target on his way to watch the fight. We ended up with a refund, two free things of formula, and some free Target cash. The HR manager handled it well, addressing what we, as parents chastised ourselves with, "As parents you think to check the expiration date on everything, and sometimes you forget, but you shouldn't have to worry about it on things you buy here, especially baby products". He said he would "do everything he could to make it right if she got sick". She seems to be OK, stomach is a little "hard" and she's a bit more tired than normal. We're heading over to our pediatrician today for her 2nd Flu Booster, Yay shots! (not so much!), and I'll chat with them about it then. We all tucked up as a family and watched Puss in Boots last night, fantastic movie appealing to my inner child!
So that brings us to Monday!
I have been busting my bootie getting things ready for Dabble In Chic, The Brand. We're on twitter, Facebook, soon to be on Etsy, and I'm awaiting my 2nd Pinterest invite. I tried hooking my existing account up to my Dabble Facebook page, but no such luck....oh no, guess I'll have to do twice the pinning!

On another note, Mother's Day is coming soon! Last year I was pregnant with Dablet and Kyle and I exchanged cards for Mother's/Father's day. I cannot explain how excited I am to be able to celebrate Mother's Day with my little girl this year! We are an incredible blessed family, and I appreciate the day to honor the special relationship I have with her. (I'm also starting to think about how she will celebrate with her daddy this year on his day!).
I am working on some of my "wish list" items, so I'll be posting those later! Need to get the lil bean ready for her trip to the doctor, and find a way to get some lunch in there somewhere! I'm secretly excited for the day we can eat full meals in pill form, not for taste of course, but convenience. I will NEVER give up the joy of a fantastic dinner (or any meal) but it'd be nice to have something I could just toss back on the go!

Until Next time (later today!)

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