Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting Ready for BHI-Part 2

Bald Head Island Family Adventure 2012 is just 5 weeks away!!! What better way to get back into the "planning" project than some inspiration. I'm getting ready to brave the bikini scene post baby, but I thought I'd start with a Ferry Outfit. After all, that's the first "step" to getting to the island. (It's actually the packing and car ride...but that's stressing me out right now and not as much fun as this!
The Gingham Earrings are from Tory Burch, the Amanda Sandals are from Tory as well. I'll admit I have an obsession with Tory sandals, and bags, and jewelry, and clothes....but it's all just a dream right now! For the top and shorts I pulled inspiration from J. Crew. The Raindrop lace top is a fun chic way to pull of a "standard tee"and the 3" Chino Shorts come in 12 colors and at least 2 other lengths. I love colorful and patterned shorts this season! It's a great way to give a bit of pop to an outfit, and with colors like these, your legs will look even more tan!
I cannot wait to feel the ocean air blowing through my hair and see the look on Abby's face when she has her first boat ride! There is nothing I don't love about BHI, and I am looking forward to expanding our tradition of going to include our growing family!
Next to come for the BHI prep posts will be Abby's wardrobe, fun essential items for a beach vacation with an eight month old, and maybe a signature drink or two!

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