Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beach Break

If you have been on Twitter or Facebook recently, you may have noticed the large number of giveaways celebrating the Summer season! With Summer comes an amazing uplifting range of color to fashion, decorating, flower, and spa indulgences. Speaking of which, I just had a pedicure featuring this fabulous pinky coral "Trout Pout"
A while back I blogged about the upcoming edition of "Have Baby Will Travel" as I prepared to take on Bald Head Island and the trip is finally here! We are leaving on Saturday with 12 of us and our three big dogs, with another 7+ people joining a day or so later. Normally vacations are a source of relaxation, and I am 100% confident that this one will be as well....once we get there! I'm not usually an over packer, but Dablet had never been to the beach, half of the family that will be there has never met her, and we're dealing with a baby who is teething, has her first ever diaper rash/bacterial infection (fun right?), and Kyle will have to leave me for a couple of days to come back for school. It is a blessing that Dablet's clothes fold up nice and small, because I packed just about her entire closet!
In the second edition of "Getting Ready for BHI" I showed you a look that I was considering for the ferry ride over. While it will not be exactly that, here are some fun finds I have found recently that might pull it together in my own way!


These Tory Burch sandals were a gift from Kyle for our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday! Other than that, I've owned the sunglasses for over two years, got the shorts with a gift card from two Christmas' ago, the pearls were a Christmas gift from my dad three years ago, and the tank can be any bone, nude, or blush colored tank I might have in my drawer. The only thing on this board that's a "wish list" item is the bracelet from Michael Kors. I LOVE rose gold lately, remember those Sperry shoes?!?!
The next couple of days will be quite crazy, but BHI will provide fabulous photos to share with you, interior decorating ideas (from the amazing homes on the island), and maybe some fun architecture pictures! Also, we will be doing a family shoot with Matt McGraw, who shot our wedding, on the beach and I am SO excited to capture Abby in the sand!
If you haven't visited the "Scents of Style" giveaway be sure to do so and leave a comment for your chance to win $50 Visa Gift Card. I will draw a winner after we return from BHI. An added bonus for all of you peeps while I'm gone is a guest blogger! We're in the process of deciding the exact topic, but I promise it will be summer related and drool worthy! She's a great gal, and guess where I "met" her? Twitter!!
Until Next Time!


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