Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Loving Grayce-fully

It's not a secret, I love Layla Grayce and Zinc Door. Why does this matter? On my quest to define my sense of style and of self it's fabulous to have brands that I can align myself with that really make me feel "at home". This week has been long...already. I spent over an hour last night in the space between the ceiling of our first floor and the floor of our second floor among the fiberglass insulation. Why? because one of our cats somehow managed to get in there are refused to come out. Three showers later, I am still itchy, bumped, and bruised and in desperate need of a pick me up. This morning I headed to twitter and was "Grayced" with this!

This Bungalow 5 lamp is new to Layla Grayce and can be found here. Like it? be sure to follow Layla Grayce and Bungalow 5 on twitter for more great finds!

Sure, the lamp was a great design pick me up, and spurred me to delve into the Bungalow 5 collection on Layla Grayce's site (sharing some favorites in a second!). The best pick me up was that even after I "threatened" to ship myself in a box to Layla Grayce's distribution center they still showed me some love! Kyle laughed when I told him this, but he may have been concerned that I would never come home if I shipped myself out there! I wonder if Zinc Door ships from the same space...he may never see me again!

Here are my Bungalow 5 favorites:

Once I finish my list of "wants" for the home makeover, I'll have to go back and edit it down. You can be sure that some of these will remain in place on that list!! 


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