Friday, May 4, 2012

Two short years ago...

I said I would post some detail pictures of our wedding yesterday, but between a softball double header and an unexpectedly (but appreciated) busy work day I must apologize for getting to it a day late! This wedding was 15 months in the making, and I had fabulous day of assistance from Courtney Arnold with Stellar Events. I would advise any bride-to-be to invest in a planner for at least the day of. Family will offer, but by the end of the weekend you'll all be so stressed that it's really not worth it. When it comes to a day you will (hopefully) only do once, unless of course you renew your vows but that's a bit different, having someone who is there to solely bring YOUR vision to life is priceless.
Here we go!
Engraved first toast glasses from The Knot, which we forgot to use (HA!) but I get warm and fuzzy every time I see them on our side bar!
Our Ceremony was on South Beach of Bald Head Island and we had parasols (as seen on the left) for our guests
The "Guys" wore navy and white seersucker suits and had Orchids as their boutineers. Perfect look with the white sunglasses! ....oh boys....
We bought bamboo poles and glued ribbon in two shades of teal and lime green to line the path down to the beach for our guests
At the bottom of the stairs to the beach we had raffia tied bunches of Ginger flowers. This added a nice punch of color outside of the teals and greens from the rest of the wedding
Our wedding cake was a sandcastle inspired by all of the ones I made on the beach with my dad! The baker at Sweet T's in Wilmington was SO excited we wanted the "real sand" look and she did an amazing job on the look, and the taste! In order to make everyone happy, we had 4 flavor combinations:
Marble Cake with peanut butter buttercream - Kyle's pick
Chocolate Cake with Kahlua buttercream - My pick
Strawberry Cake with Chocolate buttercream - for a chocolate covered strawberry effect
Lemon Cake with Raspberry buttercream - just in case you aren't a chocolate person
On our gift, food, and other accent tables we had arrangements like this above with bear grass, shells, and submerged orchids. I fell in love with the look of different levels of flowers versus one big arrangement. We bought all of our flowers wholesale and my aunt put them all together so I got to go a little orchid crazy...
The main wedding flowers were orchids (green and white), roses (desert and cream), hydrangea (blue green and cream), and calla lilies (white and green). We had champagne silk linens with sand dollars on each napkin, shells on the tables, and our table names came from lighthouses (in frames) from North Carolina. Frames we hand painted, distressed, and lettered
Detail of napkin shot

The reception was held at the Bald Head Island Club with indoor and outdoor access. This amazing draped tent was open on the sides and covered our white dance floor (Kyle insisted that it be white). This area offered the perfect sunset setting for this:

I love this picture so much I printed it and stretched it on canvas to make a conversation piece. BIG thanks to Matt McGraw for the talent to snap pictures like this on our big day!

It was my original intent to show you all of my wedding style, at least for my personal day, here but I've realized there are WAY too many pictures to choose from! I am going to do a separate post later about my paper accents like invitations, programs, and gift bag cards. When you have people travel to a destination like this, you need to make sure you say a proper thank you! I personally LOVE putting gift bags together for weddings, and finding all of the perfect things that represent the location and the couple!
One day we'll renew our vows and I'll get to plan something else like this, but until then I will share this part of my passion with other people. For me, I'll have to transition it to my house and the home makeover that will take over most of my upcoming blog posts!
I hope you find a Chic Moment in your day today and remember to Dabble in the things that make you happy!

Until Next Time


  1. What a beautiful wedding ! I love BHI and considered having our wedding there too but ended up having it at Mordecai Park in Raleigh. I'll follow you on twitter and Pinterest....

    1. Thanks! We went the year before our wedding and this summer will be our first with Dablet and 4th overall. I can't wait! Thanks for the follow!