Monday, May 14, 2012

Color Chaos

I don't think it's a secret to anyone that choosing paint colors can be a daunting task. There are color professionals in the industry of interior design for a good reason...someone needs to make sense of all this chaos! I had intended to start this process this weekend, but was only able to play with my Benjamin Moore Color Capture App on my phone, not actually get to the store. Side note: If you have an iPhone "run" don't "walk" to the app store and download the "Color Capture" app. It's FREE and allows you to not only browse all of their paint colors by name/number, but you can take pictures and pin point matching colors from their availability. I recently took a picture of Dablet and it told me that her skin tone was "Ciao Bella". Hello beautiful is right!!
I cannot believe my little bear is 8 months old today!

Anyway, I finally made it to the Benjamin Moore selection at my local paint store and this is what lay before me:
Daunting, intimidating, chaotic (in a perfectly organized way!), and completely inspiring! I wanted to spend hours perusing through the color choices, but I think the nice man working at the hardware store didn't know what to do with the girl and her iPhone app! I made my selections (for round one at least!) and this is what I came home with:
It's probably a good thing that Kyle is at school because what happened next might have caused a few "what in the world are you doing" looks. Everything requires visualization for me, that's just how I pull things together! This fact of my personality is one of the biggest reasons why I LOVE Olioboard, and have recently  gone Pro! Before I start painting my color samples on the walls I needed to at least narrow down the options a bit! 
We have this great little "art nook" in our main entry and with the potential to have soft gray walls around it, I felt that the inside needed just a soft warm color. This is "Opal"
Next Came the half bath on our first floor. The paining in the picture is an original watercolor we bought on our honeymoon in St. Lucia and I have always loved the color combinations in it!

For this the front runners are "Flame", "Hot Spice", "Peacock Blue", and "Capri Seas". Right now I'm leaning towards "Peacock Blue" and finding something in the Coral family for a fun mirror frame.

As with anything design related, the possibilities are endless, and a slight change in the tone of a color can change your entire room. For example, I'm looking at some brown grays and some steel or blue grays. Kyle understands the difference, but with my obsession over grays lately he's expecting our whole house to be gray. A lot of it very well might be....but not all the same tone!

More color chaos to come!


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