Saturday, May 5, 2012

Room #1

I'm starting with our front guest room because it's a room that is literally not connected to anything else. Dablet's room connects through a Jack & Jill bathroom to our back guest room, so for sake of isolation this seemed like the best place to start. Let's face it, it's also a room that I can just make decisions about without affecting anyone else that lives here....aka my husband! Here's the layout for the room:
Recently I posted about design ADD through pillows. While it is an easy way to change up your style and feel of your room quickly (based on the assumption that the rest of the room is somewhat neutral), in this case I am going to use 2 pillows as the inspiration for this room. Both of them came from Pier 1.

Here is what I'm looking at for a wall color from Benjamin Moore (under more color combos) It's called Iris Bliss and paired with Baby Seal Black and Grey Owl. 
Before I dive in the deep end, here's what is already in the room:
Queen size bed and box "spring" I never really understood that term when most of them are really just boxes...but alas we have a "box spring". There's a small basic wood side table that I'm not even going to photograph and then this beauty:

This is Kyle's and it clearly needs some new knobs and I'm thinking about painting it one of my accent colors to tie it in a bit more. Ideas?
We also have this mirror that I found at a closeout sale and I love it in spite of its dings...should I leave this black? Should I paint it?

Now for the fun new things:

Both of these beauties are from Zinc Door designed by Jonathan Adler. I think that this shade of grey is the PERFECT canvas for just about any room, and it will probably play a large part in the paint for the rest of our house. (I'll show you all those daunting walls soon don't worry!)
I'm still searching for the "perfect" accent chair, and I'm taking suggestions. Some of them might have to be added to the "A Girl Can Dream" list...and others you might actually see in my house! I have a feeling that if I   won the lottery tomorrow I would pull the classic "I'm cheating on fashion with furniture"!

Dablet will be rising soon, so until next time


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