Monday, May 7, 2012

The "Great" Room

I've avoided this part of the house because it involves the most commitment. We have a fabulous open floor plan on our first floor with the only doors going to our bedroom, half bath, and a mudroom. We have medium dark cherry hardwood floors and a HUGE two story ceiling in our great room that also has a wall of big windows. Recently I've been dabbling with Olioboard and using their color tool from Benjamin Moore. Through all of this I have been expanding my connections on Twitter and have been loving the love I have received and the advice to be had for our home makeover. Today Benjamin Moore asked me what we already had in our "Great" room so they could give me their opinion on a color choice. So, ask and you shall receive! Here's what we have!
This is the best current picture to show the Lipstick Red rug. It has a pattern like an opening flower. You can also get an idea of some of our large walls.
See our wall of windows?
More walls!
Dark Coffee wood entertainment center
This is a painting we got in Rome last year when I was pregnant with Dablet. It is FULL of colors, and with that, would go with just about anything and provides a lot of inspiration!

With that all being shown, the rug can always move! What will stay for sure is the couch and the entertainment area. Any personal opinions or advice is always welcome and appreciated and we can't wait to see what colors Benjamin Moore comes up with for us! 


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  1. how fun that they are helping with your decision! Isn't twitter amazing?