Wednesday, May 2, 2012

She's a Maniac

Where do I even begin on a night like tonight? How about something like doing a running man dance in place to  "She's a Maniac"? That would pretty much sum it up! Last night I wrote a post about Definition of Self and Style because I needed a moment to just be myself and realize that to have a successful style vision, I needed to have a good self vision. Ironically, it catapulted me in front of the "public" like I did not expect at this point in my blogging or my social media "efforts" to have a response quite like this mainly because the general public seems to have a clear idea of what it wants and it's quite intimidating.
Dabble in Chic was mentioned on this e-publication in the #inspire section. I entered into a contest with Olioboard for a paint package from Benjamin Moore. Exactly what I need because, as previously mentioned, I am embarking on a house makeover! From there, I have had more mentions, retweets, Facebook love, and blog views in a single day than ever before. I wasn't sure if I should get myself a martini to celebrate, or just keep riding the wave. Unfortunately I haven't been able to do either yet because I spent the afternoon picking up and shipping out custom designed print work for Printing Chic, the printing and graphic design arm of Dabble in Chic. Tonight I am planning on joining the conversation on Twitter for #AllThingsColor. In celebration of today's "success" I will have some red wine!
I started taking my "before" pictures for the house makeover today and I will only post them once I have the next step removal and purging of the chaos that has taken over our home! I've already had the carpeted areas upstairs measured for hardwoods (Bamboo!!!) and I'm working on some great new boards on Olioboard! I was talking to Dablet's Fairy Godmommy earlier today about my undertaking, and we've agreed that if I'm going to do this, I want to do it right! So of course we will have to get her down here for some assistance and contribution from her fantastic designing mind. She's an amazing designer in her own right, and I'll be having her do a guest blog appearance as things progress. The Fairy Godmommy shenanigans will most likely include chicken fingers getting stuck to some child's booty during a "business meeting" (this seems to be a required activity when your children come to business lunches with you), and lots of drool spilling on things we'll only dream of adding to my mix. Dablet will appreciate that someone else will drool on the furniture now besides her!
Again, I have to thank everyone who has shown me love and encouraged me to continue the style vision I am pursuing, one that starts with self first! To kick off my personal definition of style, I am going to post some of my favorite detail pictures from my wedding tomorrow (our 2nd anniversary is coming up in just under 3 weeks!!!!!)

Time for a quick dinner before the Twitter Chat!


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