Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dablet and Babyletto

Our friends, or more like the really cool girls you gaze at from across the lunch room in high school, over at Layla Grayce and Zinc Door mentioned that we should check out some BabyLetto furniture for Dablet's nursery face lift. So we did! Turns out that these ladies not only know their stuff (as if we didn't already know that), but they're pretty friendly too! Dablet wants me to tell you she's saving her pennies in her cupcake bank! (Yes, her "piggy bank" is shaped like a cupcake because she wanted to be different!)
Here's what my little diva thinks would look great in her nursery with what she already has!

We are in desperate need of a glider upstairs, and this is sleek and looks comfy!
While we already have a changing table, it does transition into a bookcase and could always find a new home in her playroom. I love the drawers on this and think Kyle would like moving an changing table downstairs so we avoid "accidents" on our bed!
 I LOVE tree bookcases!  They would go so well with her modern safari theme, and as the daughter of an English Major Dablet is destined to always need more space for books!

The next find was a collaboration I did with Dablet. She's not always going to be our only as we'll probably have another baby sometime soon (or at least start the "process") so she and I picked out a crib for the new addition whenever he/she decides to join us!

Is it really a surprise to anyone that it's grey? I have been seriously crushing on grey tones recently, and have a strong feeling you'll be seeing them as a perfect designing canvas color on our walls pretty soon! That is, unless Benjamin Moore decides to throw me a curve ball I fall in love with!
Dablet and I hope you like our BabyLetto finds from Layla Grayce and come back to dabble with us soon!

Happy Designing!
Dabble (& Dablet)

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  1. Dablet's design sense is awesome...perhaps even genetic?! Especially love 'her' choice of bookcases/shelves, as books are a shared passion...keep up the advice to Dabble, Dablet!