Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Fun-Day

It's always bittersweet when Sunday rolls around because it means the weekend is drawing to a close, but I am about to start a new week of possibility! Sunday also means softball! I got into a coed league with Kyle this spring to get some activity and it has been fantastic!
Today I am full of inspiration! I have been asked to be one of the first ten bloggers to participate in the inaugural Blog Hop with Olioboard called OlioHop. If you are a follower on twitter, you will get a lot of buzz about this all week but I am very excited about the topic! I have used Olioboard a lot recently for our home makeover, and shared my work on the blog a couple of times. What I find so fantastic about this tool goes far beyond the amazing brands it is partnering with and into the community it is creating! I cannot imagine a better space for designers to show project ideas, share inspiration with other designers, and engage directly with the brands we use to decorate our homes and lives in a way that is mutually beneficial to both the designers and the brands! Just a single click and you can shop any item, you can set project budgets, play with Benjamin Moore paint colors, and import any of your own items!
In other exciting news, West Elm is coming to Durham, NC! I am SO excited, yet slightly nervous to what this could potentially do to my attempt of budgeting!
Some of my current favorite West Elm Items:
Organic Blown Glass Pendant I love this industrial look!
Elephant Ceramic Vases provide a perfect pop of my favorite colors!
This Baltic Double Lounger might not fit on my back deck now, but would be fabulous when I get my dream of expanding it to include a stone patio!

I will be working on a post to show you some of my favorite houses from Bald Head Island, and some fabulous room designs I think you could find inside these houses! If you ever have the chance to visit this amazing place, TAKE IT! 

Until Next Time (with some bumps and bruises from softball!)


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