Tuesday, June 12, 2012

OlioLove the Patio

Yesterday was amazing! I cannot begin to express enough appreciation to Olioboard, Leslie of The Kaleidoscope Partnership, and the entire group of fabulous designers that took part in the first OlioHop! I really hope I get the chance to participate with them again. If you didn't get a chance to "meet" them yesterday, I've included them again at the bottom!
Not only did Olioboard have their first Blog Hop yesterday, but they also launched a great contest sponsored by Wayfair. If you aren't enjoying your outdoor living space already, I'm sure your're about to be! Grilling, entertaining, or just taking a refreshing summer drink outside are things I look forward to all winter long. I'm like  that with every season though! There is always something to look forward to, but I appreciate the ability to expand our living space to the outdoors.
Here's a drink recipe from Pinterest I am DYING to try! Anyone want to come over and enjoy with me?!
Pink Grapefruit Margarita - Here's the recipe!

Let's take our Pink Grapefruit Margaritas, or your beverage of choice (I'd love for you to leave me links to  YOUR favorite summer drink recipes!) and head out to the patio! Here is one of my entries for the Wayfair sponsored Olioboard challenge. 
Vote for this entry HERE by clicking the heart icon!
This challenge is one week long, you can vote once per day per entry, and there will be a second and third contest over the next two weeks. Each week there is a prize for $250, with the three winners going head to head after 3 weeks for an additional $250! That would be worth celebrating with a fabulous summer drink recipe!
Big thanks again to everyone for all of the support! If you need help with spicing up any space in your home don't hesitate to connect with me! I love meeting new friends!

Here are my fellow OlioHoppers one more time!


  1. Cheers! I'm SO there!!

    xo Lynda

  2. sign me up for that drink! Yesterday WAS amazing! Enjoyed being able to share in the fun with you!