Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dablet Talks Food

Dablet has been bugging me to get a post in recently, and after our dinner adventure tonight I told her to have at it (as long as she cleaned up first). She would like to share some anecdotes about food because she overheard me telling our tweeps that I wanted to have a week of food blog posts. Her bedtime is in about an hour, so I'm just going to hand over the keyboard!

Hi!!!!!!! My mom keeps talking about me but hasn't let me talk in a long time! Enough is enough and I'm ready to put my two cents in. Did you know that I'm going to be nine months old on Thursday? Someone told me that this means I get to go see Dr.Morton later this month for a check up, but promised me I wouldn't have to have shots. Mom keeps telling me he's going to check my height, weight, and ask about what I've been eating. I eat A LOT! Although, I'd like to make a complaint because crazy mom quit giving me the liquid gold, her milk, and switched me to the powdered junk. NOT COOL! Formula is fine, but I made her transition me over 3 months because the taste just wasn't the same sweet goodness I was used to!
Other than the powdered nonsense, these people are feeding me all kinds of crazy colored mush. I think I've heard them tell me I'm eating things such as bananas, pears, peaches, apples, prunes (poops every time!), squash, pumpkin, parsnips, carrots, spinach (green poops every time!), corn, green beans, oatmeal, rice cereal, beets, rutabaga, chicken, turkey....and several other things I just can't remember. When they got the "brilliant" idea to add these meats to my diet, they also introduced yogurt. Now, yogurt I can live with, I mean...it's fruit flavored! But this meat stuff seems to also mean mom decided to become my personal chef and give me more texture than Ella's food. By the way...if you have anyone my size and don't know about Ella's food you should really meet her! She makes it super easy for me to travel everywhere with my mom mess free. (I'm always happy to provide the mess!)
Mom's a great cook, don't get me wrong, but isn't daddy the one in culinary school? Maybe I should ask him to whip me something up because this stuff my mom makes me.....I SWEAR she's feeding me sand! What's with all the texture?!?! I have half a tooth, can't I just slurp my food? I love those puffs things, and the yogurt melts. THOSE I can feed myself, and some to the dogs of course! I'm independent! My parents keep saying they have no idea where I get that trait, but I think they're full of bologna!
Recently, my mom decided to try and introduce texture that I don't feed myself just one more time and I showed her exactly what I thought about that:
I nailed my face, hair, hands, ears, all over the tray, the floor, and probably at least one dog! I'm a happy eater when I eat my way, and she can wait another couple weeks until she plots with daddy and Dr.Morton to change my mind!
It was great "chatting" with all of you, but it's bottle and bedtime! I'm hoping that some of the nursery design mommy shared with you yesterday makes it to my nursery face lift!
Here's my mama back to sign off!

She's full of it! Just not textured food!! Please share with me your feeding tips, tricks, and baby food recipes! One day she will enjoy the finer foods in life!

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  1. Dablet's a born blogger...wonder where she gets her talent?!