Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Blog "Wardrobe"

Can I just tell you that I am exploding with excitement right now?!?!
You probably arrived here and wondered where you were! It's still me, I promise, just with a lot more to offer in an easy to navigate way!
I knew I needed to do a face lift (as I have been saying for a while) before the OlioHop coming up on Monday. It's kind of like having a party at your house with a bunch of need to clean up first! The fabulous designers, specifically Lauren Nelson, at Designer Blogs made this all happen in less than 24 hours! Seriously! I even got a new look for my Twitter page, and the upcoming Etsy site!
While this is a temporary fix, and was a ready made design, it will allow me to take a deep breath and focus on things to come. SO many great things! I think I found a critical member of my blog custom design today, and I will be keeping her busy with a handful of other projects as well!
On another note, I'm thinking this sounds pretty tasty for dinner tonight!

BBQ Chicken sandwich from Real Simple

I hope you like the new look!

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