Friday, June 8, 2012

Fun New Things to Play With!

After needing to go to our old office this morning to "deal with" some things I needed a pick me up! I have spent most of this week working on the blog post for Monday's OlioHop (be sure to follow the #OlioHop hashtag on twitter for the latest news!), and I noticed that Olioboard has a new collection of backgrounds and textures! This is amazing for use with 3-D rooms, or just to give people an idea what a room might look like up against a certain type of wall or floor! So of course, I played around a bit!

New Spaces

Check out this board and shop the look here

While the orientation of the table isn't perfect I loved it too much not to toss it in there! I'm a sucker for fresh flowers, and while I was thinking of a space I could go to curl up and read a book, or drink a cup of coffee, I was happy to find a vase of white tulips available for use! (of course, I could have added my own if need be!). The "painting" on the wall is actually a new texture on the site, but someone should make it a painting! I'd buy it....or maybe I'll just make it a painting and save myself the $$! Dablet might like to play with some paint!
Most of the furniture here is from The Well Appointed House, with a dash of Zinc Door. I came across The Well Appointed House while working on my OlioHop blog post, and decided to take a closer look so I could share some of my favorite finds!
I love "old school" lamps! These Pharmacy Floor Lamps are perfect to give an industrial feel, even in a way most men would be happy with!
We talked about planters yesterday, and I love fun mirrors so these Mirrored Planters are a perfect fit!
These are by far (at least that I've found so far) my FAVORITE thing on the site! I love teal (can't you tell from above?) and I love having fun things to serve with! These serving trays have a wrapped leather handle and come in three colors, all sure to add a punch to your outdoor dining this summer!

Can't wait to share with you all on Moodboard Monday!


  1. I am smitten with teal! I look forward to seeing your boards. Now following site & on OB

    1. Thank you Theresa!! OB is such a fun tool!! Lots of fun things coming up here and there!