Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Heat Safety

I've missed the blog, but enjoyed the time I've spent with my family over the last couple of days! Kyle is finishing up a break from school, and Dablet's Fairy Godmommy was visiting us! Also, I'm gearing up for another OlioHop on Monday with the topic of organization and could not be more excited to share the inspiration! 
Here's a favorite shot from the mini-break!

Dablet has a crazy bad diaper "rash" and this week has been pitiful for her! I'm that lucky parent who has a godsend of a child who is the easiest thing on the planet. I know, I want to throw a brick at me. I'm sorry, but she's a gem. I'm sure I'll screw her up somewhere along the line! Anyway, she had her 9 month check up yesterday and was declared perfect at 23lb15oz (97th percentile) 29" tall (95th percentile) and a 47.7cm head (off the charts!!)....BUT...she's had these angry bumps on and off for a couple weeks. They were getting better. THEN yesterday afternoon she refused to nap, SCREAMED, and refused to let me go. This morning, she woke up SCREAMING. As soon as I touched a wipe to her, all hell broke loose. My child doesn't cry, let alone scream; so we went back to the doctor. Long story somewhat shorter, she has an imbalance now from many factors including teething and use of antibiotic ointment (that stuff kills the good things too!), and is on a new creme. What's the worst part besides her pain? We can't go to the pool! And, when I give her a bath she's agitated, so our AC will just be working overtime for the next few days!

Today hit 107 according to my car's thermometer, and yes, that was after driving it around for awhile not just sitting in the sun. All day I felt like I was seeing posts about heat stroke, dehydration, and accidents that were happening across the country due to the heat! As I dropped Fairy Godmommy off at the airport to return to NY (although she just sent me a text at 10:47 to say her connection is now delayed until 1:10 am....) the mommy in me kicked in! I need to find ways to beat the heat for the next several days!
Kyle has a weekend long softball tournament starting least 3 games....all day....did I mention it's supposed to be 105 with a heat index up to 115 and crazy humidity?!?! I mean, you walk outside and stick to yourself. So, I wanted to share some of my favorite "stay cool tips"! I know it's not the normal blog content, but if you read through you may stay out of the hospital!
Drink FLUIDS! Obvious right? But if you aren't sweating outside there's a problem! Your body can't cool itself, and it means you don't have enough fluid in your body to keep sweating.
Pedilite - Not just for kids! The great thing about this fluid is the molecular composition is small enough so it is absorbed once it hits your stomach. Most other fluid is absorbed in the small intestine. 

Keep your skin cool!
You release most heat from your head, so get it wet and cool off! I always pack washcloths or towels that I have soaked and put in the freezer overnight. They work wonders laid on your neck to bring your body temp down.

Eat snacks with fluids in them!
FRUIT!!! Freeze grapes for little mini grape Popsicles! Cut up a watermelon, and pack Popsicles! Your body will appreciate the extra liquid and sugar intake

SUNSCREEN!  Sure, a tan looks sexy, but skin cancer isn't as much fun. Slather on the SPF and stay in the shade!
Above all, keep drinking, eating, and if you feel light-headed, don't be a hero and keep pushing on. Sit down and ask for help! 
Even though we can't go to the pool for a few days, we were able to go a couple of days ago and Dablet wanted to share her latest swimming pic! We both hope you enjoy the summer safely!

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