Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A Touch of Tory

Here's my "Chic Moment" of the day. Abby and I are getting ready to go visit her fairy godmommy (aka her godmother) on Long Island this weekend. It will be her first plane ride, and her first girls shopping weekend. The last time I went up to Long Island to visit Lindsey we hit the outlets and I came home with a fabulous pair of Hudson jeans, a Juicy shrug, and a Kate Spade diaper bag (mind you I wasn't pregnant yet...but trying). Needless to say I blame Lindsey for being the "bad influence" on me and claim no responsiblity myself (of course).
Here's what I have my eye on for this trip:
These Tory Burch flats are classic, and I have had a mild love affair with Tory Burch since I got married. My "something blue" was taken care of entirely on my feet
I LOVE these shoes, and have worn them VERY frequently since their debut a year and a half ago. Given our beach wedding they were the perfect Chic Moment in the sand. So now about these flats....I've seen them everywhere, usually in the classic black with a silver, gold, or black logo, but I'm drawn to the nude. I feel like I have SO many pairs of black shoes, and while I might not be ready to rock something like these to work

(also Tory)....nor are they practical for the winter, I think a fabulous ballet flat is totally justifiable, and if you don't agree with me just ask Abby's fairy godmommy and she'll set you straight.  Spit up machine is awake now, Chic Moment over!


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