Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Perk of being your own boss...

Oh Wednesday...otherwise known as hump day, but really it's just another day. When you own your own business the saying goes "you get to pick the 90 hours you work in a week". I agree with that 110%. When I was "getting ready" to have Abby I tried to plan my maternity leave. Our company has a 7 week policy of paid leave, and you can use your vacation and sick time in conjunction, fantastic right? Well sure, but I couldn't exactly just vanish for 9+ weeks, but I can bring Abby to work with me. I was doing price quotes in the hospital the day she was born, I should have known the trend of my "leave" wouldn't change too much after that.
Fast forward to this morning, lovely hump day, when the biggest perk of getting to do what I want with work turned into going into the office with spit up on my sleeve. WOO HOO!! I had gotten myself ready, Abby ready, everything packed, and we settled in to walk out the door when my daughter in all of her demure feminine glory let out a burp to rival any drunk frat boy. Out comes the spit up all over my sleeve and I told her "this is why it's nice to be your own boss"....not exactly the perk I had imagined when I became my own boss.


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