Thursday, November 10, 2011

Taking myself seriously....

So Kyle (lovely husband) forwarded me an email this morning from a company, nameless for now, that found us through Xerox's Premier Partner Network. Apparantly we are one of 13 companies nationwide approved to be a Premier Partner of Xerox that can not only handle custom printing but also direct mail. Fast forward, the want me to be a member of their network for mid-market CEOs (normally means over 300 employees HAH!) and they want Greeting Express to be their print and mail partner.
WOO HOO...Right?!?!
Well partner is a fancy way to say sponsor, and apparently the value of exposure we "will" get through this "partnership" is $80,000....which means we would need to donate over the course of one year $80,000 in retail value in product.
::Insert speachless moment::
No problem right? Well first of all, I'm honored and proud to be asked, but is this a level of exposure (to over 50,000 companies nationwide) that we're ready for? Easy answer is yes because exposure equals business, but I'm 25 years old, female, and a start-up CEO...not just the CEO of a start-up. Why do I find myself hesitant on a personal level to put myself in the shark pen with 50,000 other CEOs for this network as an individual...and not as hesitant to commit our company to the sponsorship.
Maybe I'm afraid of judgement, but usually I relish in the opportunity to shatter expectations to the wayside when I'm not the brainless 25 year old female they expect me to be. The purpose of the networking and the group is actually to change the appearance of CEOs to the nation, think less insider trading and million dollar salaries preaching "eco-friendly" and flying in private jets...more actually caring about employees, work conditions, health programs, and benefits (ahem walmart). So I shouldnt be scared right?
Either got me thinking and I took a look into some dream work know for when I have a million dollar salary and fly's a taste!!
FABULOUS Oscar de la the high waist belt, something that I feel I look good in, and the scooped neck so the feeding devices that my daughter needs don't hang out in unsuspecting faces

Ah Valentino...little more fun and girly, less baracudda b*tch boss, and I have a pair of Kate Spade heels (bought ON CLEARANCE at Nordstrom years ago) that look very much like the shoes she's wearing....
Must snap back to reality and see how we can afford to donate $80,000 in retail...and go to BJs to by a massive bag of dog food.

until next time


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