Saturday, November 12, 2011

So I couldn't afford the dress....

So do you remember the fabulous girly red Valentino dress I posted earlier?? Well clearly that's not in my around $3,500.....but Fairy Godmommy and I hit the outlets today and went to Saks off 5h (and again they were having a Veteran's Day sale, insert warning label here.
I needed a pair of new sunglasses and everything was at least 40% I picked up these babies:
Normally if you bought these from Mr. Valentino they'd run you $365....seriously....I know.....but I got them for MUCH less than $100. Yes they were still a splurge, and Kyle calls them "fake out glasses" because you can wear them and practically cover up your face not good for a guy trying to see what a girl looks like, I understand, but he's stuck with me already so I have the right to hide it if I can't get make up on in the morning before coffee.
Also, Joe's jeans were on sale for 40% off outlet prices....=$60....and so were the little kid's Joes...=$20, so Abby got  to have a Chic Moment with Joes Jeggings in a 12 month size. At the rate she's growing she'll be in them by the summer!!

Mexican Take out just arrived and my spit up machine is sleeping...although she just blew out her diaper so I have many things needing attention!

Until next time


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