Monday, November 21, 2011

Moment of Silence...

I don't have a Chic Moment today, and let's face it...I haven't had one in about a week. The last week has been a whirlwind. Abby and I got home from NY and both developed colds. She spiked fevers and was congested, I was MAJORLY congested and had a throat from hell. Fast forward 6 days and she's better (still sneezing a bit which is actually ridiculously cute), and I'm still blowing crap out of my nose. Needless to say between the two of us, I barely left my bedroom in the last week...never mind the house.
Last night Kyle and I FINALLY had a Moment of Silence. Abby was down for her 1st part of the night, we watched Boardwalk Empire (one of our favorite HBO shows), and we were getting ready for the nighttime ritual diaper change, wake up for feeding, blanket, and bed when Kyle looked at me and said...."Kate....Where's Meow??!?!"
This is Meow:
Kyle rescued her from a gas station about three and a half years ago and brought her to be an indoor/outdoor kitty while he was living with Anthony and Clay ("The Uncles" as Abby will learn to call them...also our business partners) When Kyle moved in with me December of '08 so did Meow....but not until she gave birth to 3 kittens March of '08, one of which we still have, "Gizmo". This little lady above hit what I like to call the "Kitty Lottery". She is the sweetest thing and nicknamed "Softie" because she loves to cuddle and really is the softest thing in the world.
Anyway, Kyle looked frantically for what felt like forever while I nursed Abby, and I could tell there came a point where he started looking slower because maybe she had hidden to pass away (she's young, but stranger things have happened). He didn't find her. I put Abby down, and he took a bowl full of dry food outside and walked around the neighborhood shaking it (a sound she knows well)....nothing....
She escaped our house days ago.....and with everything going on...ridiculously long work hours....sickness...and the fact that our cats really keep to themselves and practically never come into our room (their choice) was finally in our Moment of Silence that we missed our cuddly couch potato.
Posters are going up, I have contacted all of the local shelters, and Kyle is going door to door starting tomorrow, but now it's time for a different kind of Moment of Silence.
It's time to say a little prayer that Meow will come home, return to us with her soft little "Meows" (how she got her name), with her beauty mark (she has been called Meow Crawford several times), and her soft protruding chin. I miss the random pieces of paper and coupons she wound find around the house and carry to our bedroom doorway, we called them "offerings" similar to the dead animals she used to bring before she became indoor only (but much cleaner). It's time to hope that she's safe, and maybe, just maybe, someone brought her inside because she was so sweet and we can find the right house if she can't get home to us.
Life is not supposed to get this crazy, and it makes me appreciate all of the people that work with rescue organizations that much more. Situations like this is why I am so adamant about supporting places like the Animal Protection Society of Durham both on a corporate and a personal level.
Please come home Meow....
We miss's a Moment of Silence for you.....

Until next time....


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