Saturday, November 12, 2011

Have Baby...Will Travel...

As expected after a full day yesterday, I missed blogging. It's funny how quickly I got used to having a mini feed of my thoughts and tid bits of fashion nonsense, and how much I missed it. Anyway, Abby and I flew Jet Blue yesterday from Raleigh to JFK, and the whole experience started fabulously. I got out of the house on time, got to the airport with enough time, check in...and then came the checked luggage. Jet Blue is lovely and doesn't charge you for your first bag, and apparently not for checking a car seat either...SCORE! bag was 4lbs over weight. I expected as much because I packed all of my clothes, shoes, Abby's clothes, bathroom items, and my breast pump all in one bag (I felt accomplished that I got it to close). So she asked me if I had a carry on I could "put a couple pounds in"....ya sure, in my exploding diaper bag or my baby...I was able to get out my computer charger and a car seat cover and that brought it to 2lbs over, and she let it slide!! WOO HOO...avoided that $50 charge.
That brought us to saying "good bye" to daddy....poor Kyle. Abby's first flight, girls gone for 3 nights, and she's changing so much everyday, but I think he's handling it very well and I'm sending lots of pictures!
Everyone warned me about security. was a little weird, but easy. Got everything on the belt, bag of liquids out, shoes off (wore the UGGs so it'd be easy), and they let me walk through the scanner with her in her Bjorn...then I set the detector off. The TSA agent looks at me "do you still have your belt on? If you can't walk through without setting it off with her attached to you, she's going to have to come off for inspection"....yes I still had my belt on...let's try beeping PHEW. BUT THEN they had to wipe down my hands with a cloth to test for explosives residue that I might be HIDING IN MY BJORN....SERIOUSLY?? I mean thanks for the protection, but HUH???
Abby and I locked ourselves in a handicap stall in the bathroom, she nursed for about 15 minutes, we changed a diaper, and then she fell asleep 5 minutes before boarding. YES! Flight attendant told me I couldn't keep her in the Bjorn for travel, I guess to make sure I REALLY wasn't hiding anything in her. So Abby slept cradled in my arms for the ENTIRE flight, take off, landing, all the crazy bumps. She even got a set of Junior Crew Jet Blue wings!!!!
After I got my luggage and loaded everything, we went outside to meet Fairy Godmommy Lindsey. Got all of my stuff loaded and went to put my car seat on her infant base....and it didn't fit.....OMG.....huh???? We stood there for a second staring at each other thinking "this REALLY cant be happening" Lindsey has a two and a half year old, does baby stuff really out date that quickly? So....we jerry-rigged her daughter's car seat to fit Abby, yes people my daughter rode front facing in a car seat for about 15 minutes before we made it to Buy Buy Baby to buy a new base.
Then it was time for some Tory. I got my first pair of Tory Burch flats and Abby was there to witness the moments occasion! I can't post pictures now but I'll come back and add them. They're classic black patent and will go with just about anything.
Here they are!!!

But of course Saks was having a Veteran's Day Sale and there was a section of Kate Spade shoes 30% I tried on a pair of red suede low heels, that have a red petal flower on the toe, covers the whole toe, and the shoe has an accent of black patent trim...I'll find a picture! It was a total Chic Moment of the day and I felt fabulous in them (but had to order them because they didn't have my size).
Here they are!!!

Then, sadly, it was time to leave the world of fashion because the spit up machine decided she was just DONE for the day and we needed to go home. Got her in her appropriately fitted car seat and base and started the drive. Well of course she stunk her diaper, was TIRED, and we hit traffic, so Fairy Godmommy suggested that I get into the back seat with her.
SURE....why not.....
Well, that meant, while driving, wedging myself ass first between her two front seats (she drives the small Cadillac SUV), those seats are not meant to have female hips pass through them, and THEN wedging myself in between the two car seats in the back seat, all of the bags on the floor, and the car seat box balancing on the big girl car seat. I made it, all of me except for one of my legs that stayed up front with Lindsey and went numb, and I ripped my jeans. My skinny William Rast light wash jeans that I love, but I'll patch them. Abby still screamed for a chunk of the ride home, but was calmed by sucking on my knuckle and me holding her fists.
She was a trooper the rest of the night and PUT HERSELF TO SLEEP for the first time EVER in, not to mention spent the night in a big girl pack n play!! This is one happy mommy who needs to get herself in gear and get ready to do some damage at the outlets this afternoon!
Many more Chic Moments expected from today!!

Until next time


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